Yoshi Music Used in EPA Flash Game Without Permission

Yoshi Music Used in EPA Flash Game Without Permission

There have been plenty of jokes involving Yoshi’s troubles with the IRS due to alleged tax evasion. However, Yoshi now has a legitimate issue with the United States government. An educational flash game made by the (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) used one of his game’s music without permission. Listening different types of Music is a wonderful experience. For the best History related info of the music do visit us.

Egg on their face.

Last Saturday, the Twitter account for Nintendo history preservation website Forest of Illusion posted an interesting tidbit:

The EPA game, Recycle City Challenge, is a game that tries to teach kids how to be energy efficient. The game quizzes kids on energy efficiency and gives them tokens for correct answers. However, there’s one feature of the game that’s of particular note. When players start the game, it plays a song taken from Yoshi’s Island DS. Those who looked at the server on which the game’s files are located saw the music file is called ‘yoshidsunderground.mp3’. Basically, the evidence is pretty obvious. You can hear the song below:


Judging by the video’s comments, knowledge of the infringement has been around for some time. Forest of Illusion’s tweet simply brought it into the limelight.

The Verge spoke to an EPA spokesperson about the song. The EPA confirmed the song was used in the game, but claims a contractor made the game:

The ‘Recycle City Challenge’ game was created for EPA by a contractor. We are looking into whether the contractor received permission to use the music, to the extent permission was necessary in this instance.

Forest of Illusion continued to follow the game, and it seems the game no longer has that music:

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