Shazam! Finally Gets a New Trailer

After months of fans berating director David F. Sandberg, a new trailer has finally been released for DC’s upcoming film, Shazam!, and it promises a film like no superhero movie before it.

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything new regarding the plot, although it does showcase Shazam’s powers in full. His super speed, electricity manipulation, and flight are shown off and almost put to good use, though the newly christened hero causes several mishaps throughout the trailer. Also on display is Mark Strong’s Dr. Sivana, who appears to also be a super-powered individual.

The trailer also features an amusing Batman cameo. While running through a toy store, Shazam throws a batman action figure at what appears to be Dr. Sivana. Interestingly, the batman that is thrown appears to be based off of the prototype suit that would have been used in Tim Burton’s third Batman movie had he stayed on the project. Oddly enough, action figures from Justice League can be seen above Batman, depicting the recently retired Batfleck, and Cyborg. Next to them, a bust of what appears to be Wonder Woman’s New-52 costume can be made out, as well as a bust of Batman, although which batman specifically cannot be determined.

What is sure to be yet another hit for DC, Shazam! releases in theatres on April 5, and stars Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, and Asher Angel.

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