Rumor: Pokémon New Starter Evolutions Leaked

Rumor: Pokémon New Starter Evolutions Leaked

The newest games in the Pokémon franchise,  Sword and Shield, will be released in a little over six months. We got a look at the starters, but a post on social board site 4chan claims to have leaked the evolutions of said starters.

WARNING: This article is covering a rumor about leaked content for an unreleased game. Nothing that hasn’t been released from Game Freak or Nintendo directly has been confirmed. Please take all speculative information with a grain of salt.

Welcome to the Galar Region!

Last week we covered the Nintendo Direct that revealed the new generation of main series Pokémon games that will be hitting the Nintendo Switch sometime this holiday season. The 7-minute presentation included a short trailer showing off the Galar region, the protagonists of the game, and the three starter Pokémon that players will be able to choose from.

While most fans were excited at the announcement, many others felt like a lot was left to be desired. Still, it was great to know that a new main entry was being brought to the newest Nintendo system, and it would be released fairly soon as well. Of course, as to be expected after every new game announcement, rumors have been hitting social media as well as fans letting their expectations for SWSH (Sword and Shield) be heard. One of the main questions is what will the starters evolutions look like?

New Pokémon New Starter Evolutions

A user on the image-board website 4chan posted the below images claiming to be legitimate leaks of the evolutions. While it appears to be actual concept art for the game, there’s no telling whether or not it’s real or just someone with really good photoshop skills. Supporters claim that the artwork is the same as the rest of the artwork from the game and that the characters stick with the medieval theme the developers seem to be going for.  Real or fake? You decide.

Grookey’s secondary and final forms.

Grookey seems to transform into a squire sort of secondary form. The final form looks like a noble knight, complete with a sword.

Scorbunny’s secondary and final forms.

Scorbunny’s second form looks almost clown-like while its final form resembles that of a court jester.

Sobble’s secondary and final forms.

Sobble’s second form looks like a soldier holding a shield made out of his tail. Its final form is that of a heavily armored soldier.

More Leaks

Other leaks came from a user who predicted two big details from the trailer before it was released. These were that the new region would be inspired by Great Britain and the names of the titles. Other predictions made were:

  • Legendaries would be a metal snake and a wooden horse.
  • Something called armored evolutions would be introduced, especially for Charizard, Mewtwo, Flygon, and Zeraora.
  • Meltan would play a huge role in this game and tie into the armored evolutions.

Whether or not any of these leaks are legitimate are not currently known. However, fans won’t have to wait long as Nintendo is expected to release more information in the coming months. Especially at E3 this year in June. Pokémon Sword and Shield are set to be released later in 2019.

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