Brightburn: Super Hero Based Horror Film

Brightburn: Super Hero Based Horror Film

Superheroes often come from humble beginnings. Brightburn aims to present a question to its audience: What if that child with special gifts decided to turn towards the side of evil instead of good?

He’s no one’s hero

Superman is one of the biggest superheroes to ever exist. What makes him so spectacular is his origin story. He is an alien who landed on Earth as an infant and raised on a farm by regular human parents.

Small-town beginnings are often seen as a way for these super-powered beings to stay humble. They tend to be the ultimate moral compass for other superheroes to follow. However, something that hasn’t been explored before is what if the other part of small-town living takes hold of their heart instead?

By that I mean bullying. It’s a common trope in movies based in rural areas that country folk can tend to be ruthless and mean-spirited, especially children. This is especially true for the quiet and meek kids that get labeled as freaks and weirdos. Bullying is something that can eat away at you and slowly fester away while the hatred of those who inflict pain on you continue to harass you. What happens when a kid that goes through these kinds of experiences suddenly finds out he has superpowers?

Brightburn is the upcoming superhero horror film produced by James Gunn (Slither). It aims to explore this dark alternative origin story similar to that of Superman. Think of it as a “what if” scenario in which we explore the idea that Superman had been corrupted by hatred instead of being inspired to do good? Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks (Power Rangers) and will be in theaters May 24, 2019. Check out the official trailer below.


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