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WWE Fastlane 2019: One Step Away from Wrestlemania

WWE Fastlane 2019: One Step Away from Wrestlemania

The last stop before Wrestlemania is here and you can check out what happened during this event below. This is WWE Fastlane.

Kickoff Show

New Day vs SHinsuke Nakamura and Rusev is a match that makes absolutely no sense. We do get to see this match during the kickoff show and it feels to be a match to fill some time on screen.

Interestingly enough, by the time this match takes place, the crowd is already in the arena so it doesn’t feel like a match with no crowd at all. Of course, the WWE feels like this is a worthless match too, because they keep interrupting with backstage videos and conversations.

This match simply reminds me of the good old times when Nakamura was in NXT. I want those times to be back. Please don’t mess with Aleister Black and Ricochet too…Of course, in the end, we see The New Day defeating Rusev. Let’s just keep burying him.

Main Show

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

I just can’t get used to a babyface Miz. We need Miz to have his heel-turn sooner rather than later.

This match focused on attacking Shane. The Usos started failing and getting hit all the time, but as soon as they hit one punch, everything changed. We saw them making their great twin-combinations during this match.

At one point, Miz gets a double super kick and Shane saves him, but he remains inside the ring fighting until he gets taken out. At this point the referee paid attention to Shane while Miz hit his finisher and started the count, but the referee took a couple of seconds to start that count.

Will we see The Miz turning on Shane later on?

Right after this, Miz was going to be hit, but Shane saved him with a Coast to Coast against a flying Uso, hitting him mid-air and turning this into an amazing match. Now Miz tries to hit a Frog Splash but the Usos defend against it and pin him.

Of course, in the end Shane turns on Miz attacking him and his father. This is awesome!

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Mandy Rose comes with her friend Sonya Deville to the match, but will this be enough to beat Asuka? We certainly don’t think so.

Mandy has come up a lot since moving to the main roster. Her wrestling skill has improved significantly during this time. This doesn’t mean she is ready to take on Asuka. The entire match feels like Asuka just playing cat vs mouse and playing with her food. If you want to excel as much during your sports events, there are tons of sports equipment sites online which provide you with the best options that are worth the the buck.

Asuka wins after Mandy slips on the mat because of Sonya’s mistake.

WWE Championship Match

We see The New Day asking Vince McMahon to add Kofi to the WWE Championship match. He agrees and sends Kofi Kingston to the match.

At the time Kofi is in the ring, they announce the WWE Championship match will take place later on. Now we have a Handicap Match for Kofi against The Bar.

Handicap Match

How will Kofi do it? This is a handicap against The Bar, both at the same time, not a 1 vs tag, a 1 vs 2. The Bar is brutalizing Kofi. I can’t even understand why Kofi didn’t just tap out early in the match. He won’t be in shape for the title match.

In the end, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to win. But not only did Kofi get destroyed, his friends tried to help him and also got attacked by their opponents from the Kickoff show. The New Day was destroyed.

RAW Tag Team Triple Threat Championship Match

Let’s be clear here. Ricochet and Aleister have two of the best entrances in WWE. On the other side, Chad Gable doesn’t fit in that “Glorious” persona. The Revival is the only real team here.

This match was everything we’d expect from a triple threat tag team match. Dynamic, everyone having their moment. In the end, the champions retained, but got hit by Roode, Aleister and Ricochet. I don’t understand why this happened, because even the music at the end wasn’t Revival’s, it was Aleister’s.

Fatal Four Way US Championship Match

This is a great match. To some extent, we may believe it is an easy one for Samoa; however, the agility and speed of his opponents is going to be key to get that title.

We see a super fast match with everyone going with everything they have. Joe seems to be slower than everyone else, but that’s something we’d expect to happen. Keep an eye on Rey Mysterio. He is, after all, a wrestling legend, and he is ready to prove why.

We see a super hurracarrana being hit to Andrade. Zelina and Carmella get into a fight ringside. In the end, Rey hits a 619 on Samoa Joe, but Joe ends up putting Rey to sleep to retain the belt.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

The first title defense for the inaugural champions. They will fight against Nia Jax and Tamina.

Let’s be honest here. I got bored of this event after Kofi’s handicap match. The US Championship match was good, though, but overall, the event has been rather sleep-inducing.

We see Nia and Tamina hitting the champs with everything, and Bayley defending the belts with her life. Tamina was one of the powerhouses from SmackDown; however, I see a really weak version herself now. Easy to take down, easy to get her to miss. Not only is Tamina really bad as compared to her former self, Nia wasn’t even able to stand still when Tamina threw Sasha’s body to her for a Samoan Drop.

Then, it was Tamina’s time. Sasha threw herself from the corner to ringside, Nia was standing and holding her, but Tamina fell to the ground. This is disappointing from the challengers. Bayley ends up pinning Nia Jax to retain and this is the first time in which the challengers actually fight. This is boring!

Now that they are finally fighting, Beth Phoenix gets in there to defend Bayley. She hits Tamina and gets destroyed by the team. Natalya comes in to help but is annihilated as well. This is the birth of a new tag team for the division. Interesting how the most entertaining piece of this match was after it was over.

WWE Championship Part 2

We still have a triple threat match. First one coming to the ring has the best intro music of them: Kevin Owens. We truly missed him these months he was away. Second one is, interestingly enough, the champion, Daniel Bryan. What an awful belt!

The last entry in the match: Mustafa Ali! This is awesome!

The crowd is yelling to get Kofi Kingston. “We want Kofi!”. We do. I’m glad Mustafa Ali is here, though. I hate Daniel Bryan. This “Champion of the World” persona is stupid. Erick Rowan is being masterfully misused here as well.

The match itself is interesting. Kevin Owens brings some spice to the match. Mustafa brings amazing speed and Bryan is the perfect heel. All three of them have their moments in the match, unfortunately, the way Mustafa was introduced made the crowd not like him. People wanted Kofi. This is unfair hate against Ali.

I love how Kevin Owens brought the Stone Cold Stunner back. We see a fighting Ali, an interference by Erick Rowan, and Daniel Bryan retaining. No surprise here, besides Mustafa’s return.

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

We know how this all came to be. Lana was injured during the Royal Rumble match of her husband. She couldn’t enter the Women’s Royal Rumble and Becky took her place. Becky defeated Charlotte to earn a championship match at Wrestlemania either against Asuka or Ronda Rousey. Becky chose Ronda. She got suspended and the opportunity was handed to Charlotte. Now, Becky must re-earn her Wrestlemania match, but as a third entry there, turning it into a Triple Threat match.

Do you see why this is unfair?

The match starts with so much trash talk that it hurts. It doesn’t look like Becky will be able to win this time. She needs to pin or get Charlotte to tap out, it isn’t as easy as throwing her out of the ring.

Charlotte puts Becky in a half-crab position and for some odd reason, it doesn’t seem as if it hurt that much. You’d expect different signs of suffering when someone is hurting your injured knee. Is this injury real?

We see Charlotte dominating by inflicting damage to Becky’s knee. But when the figure 4 is ready, Ronda Rousey comes in, attacks Becky and gets her to Wrestlemania. Thank you Ronda!

This is the face of someone who accomplished what they wanted.

This isn’t.


Elias plays a song. Lacey Evans appears, Randy Orton RKO’s Elias, AJ Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Randy. The most enjoyable pieces of Fastlane have been outside matches. Interesting.

Main Event: One Last Time

The Shield’s last run is here. The crowd went crazy when they came back together to the ring. I wish this match was a tornado tag instead of a normal teams match. Still, this is rather good, and even against their differences, The Shield is working like the first day they were together. Flawlessly.

This wasn’t supposed to be easy. Drew McIntyre was able to stop Seth Rollins, and following him, his team was able to decimate The Shield. We almost saw a defeat for the faces, but Dean Ambrose was able to evade getting counted out and pinned.

We see action everywhere, this is crazy! Ringside we have Dean and Seth against Drew and Bobby Lashley, in the ring we have Roman against Baron Corbin. This is exactly what we were expecting.

The match went out of control and the referee isn’t even counting anything anymore. This is sports entertainment for sure. Seth hit the curb-stomp on one of the announcement tables, roman a spear ringside, then the triple bomb to Drew through the announce table.

In the end, Roman Reigns pins Baron Corbin and The Shield says goodbye with a victory.

This was a good run for The Shield. I know I won’t be the only one missing them as a team. Many people have been hating on Roman Reigns and The Shield for a long time, but tonight, everyone in the arena cheered for them. That’s not a reaction you get for anyone. This was great and we now have to wait and see whenever a new dominating stable appears to feel this way again.

Now on to the “Greatest Stage of them All”, Wrestlemania!

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