Gearbox Unveils PAX East Teasers

Gearbox Unveils PAX East Teasers

Gearbox has been getting everyone hyped for this month’s PAX East convention, with teasers for their upcoming games. While this is no surprise, there is a ton of speculation on what games could be on the way.

As a company, Gearbox has seen some downfalls in their previous games such as Battleborn, and issues with Randy Pitchford in the media; but setting that all aside there is some substantial games that we can be excited for!

While these tweets don’t give a lot to go off of, they are distinct images and designs from potential games we’ve seen before. In the first tweet, many are speculating a Bioshock addition, whereas in the second that’s clearly the art for the Borderlands series, and Maya herself. The last one has yet to elude us for the past hour it’s been shown, but seems to be related to a title in a game; indicating many to think of Bunkers & Badasses, by Tiny Tina.

Either way, we’re coming up on the March 28th reveals and showcase we can expect from Gearbox, with only the anticipation of Borderlands 3, which we all expect.

Once we hear of PAX East news we’ll be sure to share with you!

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