Everything We Know About Stadia

Everything We Know About Stadia

Internet giant Google announced today that they are entering the gaming arena with their own streaming service named Stadia.

A Gaming Platform for Everyone

Monday marked the beginning of the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and today brought us a huge announcement from Google. The tech company has officially entered the gaming market by introducing Stadia, their at-home streaming service.

Stadia, the Netflix of gaming

What Google hopes to accomplish with Stadia is bring an online streaming game service to players the world over. Their focus is not on a console like others have attempted. Instead, they want to bring video games directly to the players’ hands by any means possible. This will be made possible by streaming the service to any device capable of running Google Chrome.


On stage, it was demonstrated the ease of taking the Stadia controller and moving from platform to platform. From a phone to a table and even your smart TV, Stadia aims to cut the middle-man out of the gaming market by making video games directly available from the developers to the hands of gamers. This also means that gamers will no longer have to purchase expensive gaming rigs to play the latest and greatest. Instead, you will have instant access to a vast gaming catalog via Google’s servers.

Furthermore, certain games will integrate with YouTube. For instance, let’s say I see a game advertised or being streamed. Games provided by Stadia will have a “play now” button to bring it up to play for yourself. There’s no downloading or updating required and you can be playing in as little as five seconds later.

Key features

Aside from a Chrome-enabled device, you will also need to purchase one of Google’s gaming controllers. They are very similar to that of the PS4 and Xbox One controllers, and they seem to be a good mix in the middle between the two. Two of the buttons unique to these controllers are for Google Assistant and the share button.

Google Assistant will allow you to ask for help in a game you’re playing without having to leave the gaming window. The share button will allow you to upload and stream directly to YouTube. These are interesting concepts for gamers that enjoy streaming as well as those who need a little extra help while playing.

Aside from proof-of-concept footage, we didn’t get a chance to see any new games. However, Google did announce that they would be working with 3rd-party developers to bring their titles to Stadia. They also announced that they would be developing original titles as well from their Google Stadia Studios development team.

Another exciting feature was the ability for content creators and influencers to play games with their audience. Stadia’s main goal seems to bring gamers, as well as the gaming community, closer together. However, we need to see more before we’ll know if Stadia is as amazing as Google claims or yet another empty promise. Stadia will be released later this year, so expect to see more in the near future. To watch the keynote in its entirety feel free to click on the video below.

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