First Impressions with ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’

First Impressions with ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’

Many people have been excited and outraged by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and I can say that FromSoftware has succeeded in their goal. Not only did they give us a game with a system unlike their popular franchise Bloodborn and Dark Souls, but something for gamers to have worth fighting for.

The Graphics & Sound

This. Game. Is. Beautiful.

I’ve absolutely loved every minute of Sekiro thanks to the environment that FromSoftware has developed. They have engulfed and trapped the feudal Japan scenery and sounds into a game that is absurdly violent and difficult. When the game gets you down, admire the work that was put into it. Enjoy the clanging of your weapon, and the sounds of the waves from the river. You might have been beaten by Sorcery Man, or a named General, but you can come back and seek your vengeance knowing you’re fighting in a game that was immaculately designed.

The Posture

If you’ve played Bloodborn or Dark Souls you understand the unnerving rage of fighting monsters with incredible health bars, while you struggle with stamina and health as well. But in Sekiro you have an even worse enemy; the posture. The game is highly dependent on your ability to maintain your own posture (by not falling over and being susceptible to attacks) and also taking down your enemies’ posture. This double-edged sword is that posture goes down over time, which reduces your damage to the enemy. So you have to micromanage your healing and attacking where one flawed parry or block will take your life. But don’t worry, you’ll most likely come back – shadows do die twice.


The game has so far required you to have some good reflexes on controls, where you have to actively block enemy attacks per each hit. This can cause a huge difficulty when trying to dodge, land blows, and also protect yourself. It’s frequently an issue with also landing the shinobi prosthetic tools to stagger enemies or inflict additional damage.

Going Forward

While Sekiro does have some daunting gameplay and grinding for money and items, the game is extremely fun and I can’t wait to suffer through it. Like with any Dark Souls game or Bloodborn, winning against difficult boss fights is always the most satisfying.

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