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NXT TakeOver New York: The Real Wrestlemania

NXT TakeOver New York: The Real Wrestlemania

It is the Wrestlemania weekend! That time of the year when we see wrestling everywhere. The first show is the NXT TakeOver: New York one.


We got the final for the Million Dollars Challenge. The Golde Voice versus The Phenomenal, AJ Styles. It was the most faked video game match I’ve ever seen. AJ Styles didn’t do absolutely anything and was completely destroyed within minutes. Every contestant in the tournament would’ve been able to defeat him.

I know this was to give the million dollars to someone, but I expected AJ to actually play the game and pose a threat.

Main Show

NXT Tag Team Championships

The first match of the evening is for the NXT Tag Team Champions and we have the War Raiders defending against the team of Aleister Black and Ricochet.

Through a beautiful match, the War Raiders retained their belts. The best piece of the match, though, came at the end of it when the champions showed their respect towards the challengers.

Followed by the entire arena clapping on their feet, thanking them for their time in NXT now that they are going up for good.

North American Championship

This is a rivalry that goes beyond the WWE. Velveteen Dream has been constantly criticizing indie wrestlers and saying he is homegrown for the company. Now, he gets to face one of the indie superstars that were signed by the WWE when he faces Matt “The Bro” Riddle.

The match started with the entire arena cheering for both superstars, and being the showboats they both are, we got a competition. We start seeing a lot of control coming from the Bro. Velveteen was able to cause some damage; however, the entire match was Riddle’s.

In the end, when we thought Riddle had won via submission, Velveteen was able to roll and get the 3 count to retain. Did you notice how the main theme of this match was Velveteen screaming in pain? If you didn’t, you should click those images again.

Sportsmanship is also showcased here.

United Kingdom Championship

The monarch of NXT UK, the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne is defending his title against The Ring General Walter. 685 days as the champion against a somewhat newcomer to NXT UK, yet a veteran in wrestling. Who wins?

It isn’t every day when you see Pete Dunne being dominated. Walter is the one able to do this. This is David vs Goliath, and for the first time in a while, Dunne is David. Pure power versus the most painful moves in the industry.

The match started to get balanced when the champ started applying all of his submission knowledge and started to inflict some damage on Walter’s fingers and head. He even hit the Bitter End and Walter was able to kick out.

Walter ended up with a superkick, followed by a super powerbomb and a top rope splash. He has defeated the champ to start a new era in NXT UK.

NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way

Shayna Baszler now defends the title against the best of the best. Io Shirai, Bianca Belair and Kairi Sane. We are certainly going to get a good match here. Multi-women matches in NXT have always been rather great, and with all the talent we have in here, we simply can’t blink.

This is sports entertainment when Io and Kairi start working together against Shayna and Bianca. Throughout the match, there’s so much action that the cameras can’t even follow it. There’s two women fighting in the ring, the others fighting at ringside. We can only go by what the announcers are saying.

We see the finishers for everyone. Io Shirai almost pins the champion, but Kairi had to intervene. Then, Io intervened when Kairi almost pinned the champion. Bianca hit her finisher on both, Io and Kairi at the same time. All of this to get Shayna’s submission on, and the champion retains.

Main Event: 2 out of 3 Falls for the NXT Championship

After Tommaso Ciampa had to relinquish his NXT Championship, there were only two superstars up to take that belt: Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole.

The crowd is going crazy about Adam Cole. We start the match with Gargano having the upper hand until Adam Cole starts countering. Soon enough, Adam Cole gets the first fall through a pin count. Quite fast, Gargano made Adam Cole tap out. Now it is time for the real match to start.

The match goes on until Gargano is about to submit Cole again, at that point the Undisputed Era comes to their leader’s aid. We see the usual distracting the referee, attacking the face and getting the heel to pin the opponent. This time, though, Johnny Gargano kicked out. He went against all odds, attacking everyone until he got Adam Cole to tap out.

We have a new NXT Champion in Johnny Gargano now, and even Ciampa came out to congratulate his former teammate.

This is the perfect ending for a perfect night. Vince should certainly start taking Triple H’s ideas for the main roster, because NXT has consistently been bringing the highest quality matches and storylines.

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