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Wrestlemania 35: The Grandest Stage of 2019

Wrestlemania 35: The Grandest Stage of 2019

We already had our Wrestlemania for NXT on Friday. It is time for RAW, SmackDown and 205 Live to have theirs. We have about 7 hours or show ahead of us. Sit tight, grab a drink and enjoy the ride. This is Wrestlemania 35!

Disclaimer: this is written as the event goes on. Expect more images to be added after the article is initially published.


Cruiserweight Championship

The very first match of the event is Tony Nese against Buddy Murphy. We start off with the Goliath’s of 205 Live. Of course, the WWE would always show how little they respect these superstars by playing ads about the main show during their match. I don’t even know why I keep mentioning this.

We see a really technical match between these two. Completely worth mentioning how the champion was hit in the eye rather early, getting him to bleedsince the beginning of the match. This is the kind of entertainment we are going to be getting tonight. Interestingly enough, and given how these two were friends before, Nese is the one dominating the match. He is anticipating every single move the champ is trying to throw at him.

In the end, we we have a brand new champion as Tony Nese is able to finally pin Murphy. A new era starts now for 205 Live!

Women’s Battle Royale

The second match of the night is the second annual Women’s Battle Royal, a match which started super fast with many superstars getting eliminated quickly.

The main highlights from the match come from the teamwork done by the Riott Squad. Ruby, Liv and Sarah worked together to eliminate a few superstars. This was all great until Dana Brooke countered them to the point of eliminating two of the three members of the team. We are down to the last three: Asuka, Sarah Logan and Sonya Deville. Asuka starts to attack, gets Sonya out and gets thrown out of the ring by Sarah. We all think she won, but no. She didn’t yet. Carmella was out of the ring.

In the end, Carmella eliminates Sarah to be the second ever winner of this annual match.

Raw Tag Team Championship

The last minute addition to Wrestlemania is here as The Revival defend their belts against Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Could this be the time when Hawkins breaks his record for most consecutive loses?

Throughout the entire match we see The Revival controlling the match. For some reason, they prefer to fight against Zack instead of Curt, though.

We finally see Hawkins coming in, he is attacking the members of The Revival, not only attacking, but dominating them. This is what wrestling fans are here for: surprises, emotions, title changes!

The Revival retakes control of the match, but the crowd start chanting “Let’s go Hawkins!” Guess what? Hawkins got the win!!! The 269 consecutive loses are done!

Andre The Giant Memmorial Battle Royal

Colin Jost and Michael Che are the special guests of this match. They seem really scared.

Braun Strowman gets into the ring and now the match becomes “everyone versus the Monster Among Men”. There are so many teams in this match that it makes no sense; however, it makes up for great entertainment.

In the end, we have Braun Strowman versus our special guests as Braun eliminated the Hardy Boyz. Braun wins, of course.

The kickoff show (or pre-show, however you want to call it) is over now. Let’s go to the main show and all those title matches!

Main Show

The Host and the Hulk

We start Wrestlemania by having the Goddess introducing Hulk Hogan only to be interrupted by Paul Heyman, who calls Brock Lesnar to the ring, saying if he isn’t main eventing, he is starting the event.

Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar comes to the ring after Paul Heyman says they will finish the business here to fly to Las Vegas where people “do appreciate” the beast. We will be having a great match, first. Seth Rollins responds with a great entrance, stating he’ll slay the beast. Oh, guess what? There’s pyro in entrances!

Without starting the match, when Rollins was about to enter the ring, he is greeted with a knee to his ribs, followed by an F-5, outside the ring. The match hasn’t even started, and Seth Rollins is being destroyed by the Beast, who finally decides to take him to the ring after throwing him to the announce table twice.

The match finally starts and Brock hits the first suplexes. Rollins can’t even stand right now. Three German Suplexes, Seth is already bleeding from the back and elbow. When Brock was about to hit anotyher F-5, Seth pushes him against the referee, who gets out of the ring. This is the opening for hitting Lesnar with a low punch followed by 3 Curbstomps. We have a new champion!

This is how you start the grandest stage of them all! Seth officially becomes the Beast Slayer!

Who built SmackDown?

Great rivalry right here. Two of the best talents from WWE facing each other for the bragging rights of calling themselves “The Man who built SmackDown”. RKO out of nowhere or Styles Clash? We’ll see who wins.

A technical match where we see both superstars working towards evading and countering each other. We almost saw an RKO a few times, but AJ was able to escape. We see a Calf Crusher as well. Randy got to the ropes. What about a Phenomenal Forearm? Well, we didn’t, but because AJ stopped when he was already on the top rope and saw Randy waiting with an RKO.

Randy gets to hit one RKO on AJ, but he kicks out! We see numerous moves and strategy changes from AJ, while Randy simply went with his favorite move. With a Phenomenal Forearm, AJ Styles gets the 3 count over Randy!

SmackDown Tag Team Penitentiary

After the Usos decided to forfeit their match against New Day during the Russian Rullette to give Kofi a chance for the WWE Championship, The Usos were sanctioned by having to defend their championships in a Fatal 4 Way match. This is it.

What we’re looking forward the most is the team of Ricochet and Aleister Black performing again, after we saw them on Friday in NXT TakeOver New York.

Now, I can’t be the only one who thinks a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match should have 4 superstars fighting at any given time instead of just 2. I really hate the way in which WWE perform these matches. Then again, I’d rather watch a Tornado Tag match.

The early highlight of the match? Sheamus and Cesaro working perfectly as a team. Why do I say “early”? Simple, because Ricochet is always going to be a highlight in any match; although, I’d love to see him bring the Prince Puma style into WWE.

Shinsuke and Rusev bring some amazing team chemistry to the ring, somehow. Tell me again why did the “Rusev Day” movement die? I still have my t-shirt for it…

In the end, we see a lot of great moves, but The Usos were the ones coming out of Wrestlemania as SmackDown Tag Team Champions! That’s Karma for you.

Overused Story

We all know it. Friends who become enemies. They became close, became a team, became champions. After that, they lost the belts and one betrays the other. They make it personal. This is Shane’s annual Wrestlemania match. I like Shane being a heel. He is a McMahon after all. What I can’t get used to: Miz being a babyface.

I’ll admit this: I love the way Shane throws punches. This is one of my most anticipated matches for this event and I’m sure it’ll be good, unless they do everything inside the ring.

Shane starts up taking advantage, getting into Miz’s head. Then, making him bleed out of his head. At this point, Shane is about to hit a coast to coast from the corner to the announce table, but Miz’s dad comes into the picture. Shane attacks him, and Miz starts attacking Shane.

Now that they went ringside, I see something interesting: there are empty seats ringside.

For the first time, I see the fight going to the place where the announcers in other languages. There was chaos there. They lost chairs, tables, screens…and it was super fun to watch. Then they went up to where the “expensive cameras” are. This won’t end well for one of them. Miz hits a superplex there, but both end up knocked out. Shane, though, was on top of Miz’s body, so he wins.

Women’s Tag Team Championship

I have nothing to say for this match besides that I wish Beth and Nattie win. Knowing they won’t do it, I’m not excited about this match, though.

We see a bit of every team. Nattie and Beth had the upper hand for a while, until Nia and Tamina started attacking. Then it was the Boss and Hugs team. It feels as if the belts will be changing hands. Beth hits a super move, and The Iiconics are the new champions!


Eleven years in the making. Eleven years waiting for this moment. Kofi Kingston is going up against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. He endured a grueling Gauntlet match, handicap matches. The New Day endured a Russian Rullette to get him here. This is what Wrestlemania is all about!

The match starts and we see how both are just measuring each other. Kofi is the one having the best performance this far. Backstage, we see then entire locker room cheering for him.

Unfortunately, Kofi misses and hits the announce table instead of Daniel Bryan, and after that point, it is pure dominance by the champion. I’m anxious as for some reason I’m smelling a betrayal happening during this match.

The crowd chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” when Kofi hits Daniel is the best feeling in the world.

Rowan finally interferes in the match, but Big E and Xavier Woods are there to help their brother. The crowd is going insane, but Daniel Bryan hits his finisher. 1, 2…Kofi kicks out! “New. Day rocks!” “New. Day rocks!”


Handicap Match: US Championship

Nothing will top what we just saw. It is going to be a tough thing to do now. An injured Rey Mysterio will have to take on Samoa Joe for the United States Championship. It isn’t that I don’t trust Rey. It simply is that he is injured. Joe will annihilate him.

Of course, it took it less than 5 minutes for Joe to retain his championship.

This is Someone’s Yard

This is an interesting match. I’m a Drew McIntyre fan. I’m also a Roman Reigns fan. Two forces will collide this time, and I’m cheering for Drew. He needs this push.

There’s nothing to highlight on this match. Roman Reigns wins with a Spear.

Musical Interlude

We get to see Elias with Elias and Elias. The three of them played a nice song. He got interrupted by a video showcasing Babe Ruth. Of course, this is just to announce that John Cena is entering, bringing back the “Thugonomics” persona.

There’s some slow rapping done, and an Attitude Adjustment to Elias, but under its old name: an “FU”.

The King versus the Invisible Man

Wait! Didn’t we already see a friends-turned-enemies match already? Oh, yeah, we did. Still, to have The Animal back for one match is the best thing I can imagine right now. Former Evolution members. I expect blood.

Some photos of the “most expensive entrance in WWE history”. Didn’t feel “that” expensive, though.

The match started and quickly went out of the ring. A toolbox is used against Batista, then chains, then some pliers. Batista is under a steel chair in the ring. Triple H takes the nosering away from Batista. BLOOD!!!

This is a grueling match. Outside the ring we see them throwing everythin at each other. Breaking tables. Using the steel steps. Batista hitting his finishers. Triple H has to bring his best game if he wants to keep his career. Triple H hits a powerbomb against the steel steps inside the ring, followed by a Pedigree, but Batista is able to kick out as well.

In the end, Rick Flair comes in to aid Triple H, who hits Batista with a mace and then a Pedigree. Triple H wins.

Farewell, Kurt

The match that makes no sense at all. They had a feud about being General Manager for RAW. That’s it. Nothing else. This rivalry got Corbin to fight like dressed like an idiot. Unfortunately, Baron Corbin defeats Kurt Angle. Is it a surprise? No.

Immediately after Kurt got pinned and Corbin left, Kurt just got up, gave a speech and he wasn’t even tired. No sweating. Nothing. This was disappointing. Worst “last match ever” I’ve seen.

Intercontinental Demon

This is it, we’ll finally see the Demon again. Finn has never lost a match while under his Demon King persona. Will this be his first time?

Finn Balor comes in fast and strong, attacking Lashley with everything. Lashley counters, hits a couple of spears. The Demon King is able to kick out and go back to hit the Coupe de Grace to win the title back.

Main Event

The WWE have been pushing women’s wrestling for a while. This is the best thing that could happen to the Women’s Revolution. Wrestlemania’s Main Event has RAW Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey vs SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair vs The Man, Becky Lynch in a “Winner Takes All” match. We need this.

Being the main event, it was only logical for Charlotte Flair to make an entrance. She got to the Met Life Stadium via helicopter. Ronda Rousey, on her end, had Joan Jett performing her entrance music, live. Becky, though, had her normal entrance. She didn’t need all that fuss.

We get to see a super dynamic match with all three women leaving everything they had in the ring. All of them are trying to make their opponents tap out just to get hit by the remaining superstar. We see Charlotte breaking a table with her body after applying two perfect spears. In the end, when Ronda was about to hit her finisher on Becky, she was able to use that momentum to get the three count on Ronda and become the new Women’s Champion for both brands.

Final Verdict

Wrestlemania 35 is one of the most entertaining and emotional events we’ve seen in recent years. From Curt Hawkins breaking his losses streak, to Kofi becoming WWE Champion, to Becky overcoming all odds and winning the Winner Takes All Main Event. This is an unforgettable event we’ll be talking about for a long time!

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