‘Overwatch: Storm Rising’ Event Coming This Month

‘Overwatch: Storm Rising’ Event Coming This Month

Blizzard has just announced the next Overwatch event, Storm Rising, taking place from April 16th through May 6th. Not only will this be a story-driven event, but new characters could be making an appearance.

Though this event has just been teased on Overwatch’s official Twitter account, there are minimal details for the event that we know of.

The official recording is from Sojourn to Soldier 76, featuring high-level intel on both Overwatch and Talon. What is interesting is the name-drop of Maximilien, the leader of Talon. We know he’s an influential Omnic against Overwatch, and hopefully we can see more of him in this event.

Blizzard has just recently put out new information Don Rumbotico in Havana Cuba, a family legacy distillery. Which could have close ties to Maximilien. The translation for the paper below can be found on Overwatch’s website.

Get ready to play more Overwatch during Storm Rising from April 16th to May 6th. We’ll keep you posted as more details arise.

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