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Superstar Shake-Up 2019: Part 1 – Monday Night RAW

Superstar Shake-Up 2019: Part 1 – Monday Night RAW

It is that time of the year again when the WWE decides to shake things up. Tonight, we got to see who are moving to Monday Night RAW and just as everything started, it was clear things are about to become interesting.


Right at the beginning of the show, The Miz makes an appearance to attack Shane McMahon. This is definitely the very first draft for the Red Brand.


The first ones to make a debut (since Miz has already been in RAW before) in the red brand were the War Raiders…but they have a new team name. Imagine having a full team of “creative minds” you ask to come up with a new name for them. They come back with the super original name of “The Viking Experience”. No, I’m dead serious here.

I’m not even joking.

El Idolo

After a long rivalry with Rey Mysterio it was about time Andrade got something new. We will be seeing Andrade and Zelina Vega every Monday from now on. This can be really good for them even more with his first match being against the Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor.

The Rey

Looks like the creative team is having a field trip this time. They didn’t separate Andrade from Rey Mysterio, they decided to bring both of them to RAW. Mysterio went in and interrupted Elias. Right after he took Elias out, Lars Sullivan appeared and fought him until Mysterio was unable to fight anymore.

It was unclear whether Sullivan was coming to RAW or not; however, later in WWE.com we got to know that he is indeed a new monster for the brand, alongside Cedric Alexander and Ricochet (without Aleister Black).

The Uso Penitentiary

The next superstars to come to RAW are the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Uso. They come back to fight the team of Roode and Gable. After a rather quick match, the brothers come out as winners of their match.

Feel the Glow

Of course, we can’t separate a marriage, unless it is Renee Young and Dean Ambrose (too soon?). After the Usos had their debut, we get to see the Women’s Tag Team Champions against Bayley and Naomi.

The Top 1%

EC3 is officially part of Team Red. Unfortunately for him, his first match was against the Monster Among Men. There was no match, though. Braun Strowman destroyed him.

Is that you, Bray?

We keep getting these short clips of puppets talking in a creepy way.

The Lady of RAW

We’ve been seeing Lacey Evans coming to the ramp with her intro music only to go back one too many times already. Well, this all changes now, as she has been drafted to RAW.

The Phenomenal RAW

For the main event of the night, we had a missing superstar now that Dean Ambrose is out of the picture. The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, and his SHIELD brother and current Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, needed a partner. Who else would be a better partner for them than The Phenomenal AJ Styles?

Other Superstars

It is worth noting that Ricochet, Eric Young and Cedric Alexander were also brought to RAW.

This is it for the first night of the Superstar Shake-Up. Tune in tonight to see who all are going to SmackDown Live!

Let us know what did you like and what you hated about this Shake-Up!

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