Cyan’s New Kickstarter ‘Firmament’ First Look with Concept Demo

Cyan’s New Kickstarter ‘Firmament’ First Look with Concept Demo

If you didn’t know, Cyan Inc. has a new game on Kickstarter called Firmament. Cyan, known for their Myst franchise, are back to their roots with another classic game. Featuring puzzles, and mysterious world that we’ve yet to discover, Firmament is a brand new adventure game that is its own story. Over on Twitch at RobAndDan’s channel, Dan was able to play the proof-of-concept demo of Firmament on Steam, and we’re officially hooked.

Note that the proof-of-concept demo was put together by Cyan for internal testing.
Cyan is likely to change aspects of the game through development, and the demo may be different or removed.

Demo Preview

Watch R&D Firmament First Look from RobAndDan on www.twitch.tvEarlier today over at RobAndDan’s channel on Twitch they revealed roughly the first 30-minutes of Firmament through the demo. The opening is an interesting cut scene of the main character being thawed out by a machine. This then leads to the discovery of a robot that awakens known as an ‘Adjunct’.

Dan got first-hand experience with a few basic ‘tutorial’ puzzles, using the mysterious Adjunct robot. If the gameplay demo above looks a little strange, that’s because it’s utilizing a VR setting though the game is designed for both VR and PC.

While this is clearly the set-up for the game leading to an ominous giant door with 5 symbols, it left us wanting to know more. The mysterious voice that is activated at the door speaks of an ‘arrival’ followed by a Latin phrase, “Vitae dilationem afferre requirit firmamentum”, loosely translating to “Preserving life requires Firmament”.

One ‘Easter-egg’  that Dan noticed during the demo is the same ceiling that we saw in the original Myst game.

Although the demo was short, it provided some key details that we can note for the game. For starters, Firmament has a very steampunk themed art style. Viewing the demo and the Kickstarter, my mind raced to Nikola Tesla, Frostpunk, and even Bioshock. In accordance to the play-style and puzzles, this is definitely a game created by the Myst devs. I can feel the nostalgia racing back to me from playing Myst, Riven, and even Obduction.

While we all come up with our own theories on the world of Firmament, I can only think that it is about a civilization that was on the brink of destruction, only to be saved by their technological advancements. The teaser for Firmament on YouTube provides a longer narrative, showing a ‘ghost’ like person speaking to the player (this is also where we found the Latin subtitles).

The Kickstarter

Firmament only has 3 days left on Kickstarter, and they need roughly $200,000 to meet their goal. If you want to see this game be released in anticipated July 2020, back it to get your own copy on Steam.

Big thanks to RobAndDan for working with us again in using their VODs, and to Reddit for providing the Latin translation.

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