A New Mobile Pokémon Game In The Works

A New Mobile Pokémon Game In The Works

Fans who want to “catch them all” have something new to look forward to. A new Pokémon mobile game has been announced by The Pokémon Company!

Another Mobile Game?

It’s surprising to see The Pokémon Company venture out into another mobile title since we already have Pokémon GO! They’ve teamed up with mobile developer DeNA to work on the release of the next title. DeNA is no stranger to mobile games, having worked on other Nintendo IP licensed games such as Miitomo, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. No other details have been released about this new title, except that it should be released by March of next year.

There is worry from fans over microtransactions and the overcharging of in-game services. While Nintendo is against that practice since they feel it will damage their reputation, according to a reputible source. DeNA and The Pokémon Company share no such worries. DeNA has stated they are relying on “some smart techniques” when it comes to the new mobile game and are expecting a huge financial gain. Only time will tell what that means for players.

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