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Money in the Bank 2019

Money in the Bank 2019

It is that time of the year again when we get some really interesting ladder matches. One of the men, one for the women. What happened during this year’s Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View from WWE? Keep on reading and you’ll find out.


Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs The Usos

This is definitely a match to entertain the crowd. The Usos start by calling their rivals Sponge Bob and Patrick. Crowd was enjoying their entrance. The match began and the bulldozer that is Rowan starts to destroy the brothers.

This was basically the theme of the match, with The Usos doing everything they could to get Rowan out. In the end, they hit a double Super-Kick on Daniel Bryan, hit their combined move on him, and win the match. This wasn’t a match for the championship belts, but they should’ve gotten the belts.

Money in the Bank

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

This match features all the women in the image above. Some surprises, some expected. What we know is that this is the first match of the night, and if last year’s is the standard, we’ll have so much fun watching this match.

During this match, Mandy attacked Carmella, hitting her knee with the ladder, and she seems to have been injured. Mandy tries to attack her three times, but Carmella just pushed her asking her to “wait”. She is injured. The match goes on, with one less participant. It seems like Bayley is the most hurt of them all. She seems to be bleeding out of her hip as the ladder hit her.

It is time for everyone to be near to getting the briefcase. We have Dana and Mandy first, to then get Naomi and Bayley on the same ladder only to have Nikki go up faster. Natalya ends up dropping the ladder with everyone on top of it only to get attacked by Ember Moon.

Mandy has clear path to the briefcase, but Carmella appears. She takes the worst possible decision and goes out of the ring to attack Carmella. When she was about to get up the ladder, Sonya Deville attacks her and brings Mandy into the ring, and up the ladder.

In the end, Bayley pushes both of them down the ladder and wins the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

United States Championship

This is two things: a Wrestlemania rematch and the usual David vs Goliath match. After Samoa Joe defeated him in exactly 60 seconds back in the Grandest Stage of them All, Mysterio has to show he is still champion material.

In a rather controversial decision, Rey Mysterio pins Samoa Joe, even though he didn’t have both of his shoulders touching the mat.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with Joe who attacked Rey after the match, humiliating him in front of his son.

Steel Cage Match

This is another Wrestlemania rematch. Shane made it personal against The Miz and his father. Now Shane is going to face Miz in a cage.

As soon as the match starts Shane starts to climb the steel cage. That’s one way to win this match. Miz is not having any of it and starts attacking Shane as much as possible.

Miz gets a figure 4 on Shane, who crawls towards the cage’s door. He gets a chair into the cage and now Miz starts to attack him with that chair to the point where he hit a skull crusher on top of that chair. Pin is about to happen, but Shane puts his foot on the rope. Since when does the rope break rule apply to a cage match?

In the end, Shane McMahon is able to escape the steel cage and win the match.

Cruiserweight Championship

Finally out of the kick-off show, we have the Cruiserweight Championship match. The crowd went silent when the match started. It wasn’t a bad match, but it was boring. In the end the champion retains.

RAW Women’s Championship Match

This is the first out of two matches Becky Lynch will have to endure this night. She’s defending the RAW and SmackDown Women’s titles in the same event, against two different opponents.

We have two opposites in this match, The Man vs The Lady of Wrestling. This will be Becky’s true challenge. Keep both of those belts and cement herself as a champion, or lose any of them, and the run is over.

The match is really fast and aggressive. Both of them have their spots and Becky is trying to finish the match as soon as possible as she knows there’s another match on the horizon for her. In the end, she makes Lacey Evans give up and retains the title.

Immediately after this match, Charlotte appears and asks to have her match right away.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

There’s no time to rest. The match starts and Charlotte attacks her former best friend. Becky counters the attack and is doing everything to survive.

We have an exchange of punches in the middle of the ring. The crowd is going insane. Lacey Evans attacks Becky Lynch and serves the win to Charlotte, who gladly takes it.

There’s a fight between Lacey, Charlotte and Becky. They are destroying Becky, but we see Bayley coming with the briefcase and cashes it in against Charlotte.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Part 2

Bayley simply cashed the briefcase when Charlotte was out, got up the corner and attacked her. We got a 3 count and a new champion!

Elias vs Roman Reigns

Before the match started, Elias hit Roman Reigns with a guitar on the back. He comes out and plays the guitar. When he is going out, Roman appears and hits a Superman Punch on him. Takes him to the ring and hits one Spear. Elias is done.

Universal Championship

In what may be the most anticipated match of the night, we have the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins versus the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. If you wanted to see a best of the best match, this is it.

We see a rather technical match between these two superstars. AJ being more aggressive than usual. This might be the closest match of the night. They are attacking and countering everything each throws at the other.

At one point, Seth is ready to hit the Curbstomp on AJ, but he counters with the Style Clash. Seth is able to kick out of the pin count. The crowd is going completely crazy and this is exactly why!

AJ is ready for a Phenomenal Forearm but Seth hits a super knee to the face followed by a curbstomp. The champion retains!

Good thing about this match comes after it all happened. AJ Styles comes back to the ring and shakes hands with the champion. Great sportsmanship!

The Lars Sullivan Show

We get the Lucha House Party in the ring. We were going to have a tag team match, but Lars Sullivan appears and destroys them.

WWE Championship

This is the very first defense for Kofi and it comes against someone who made him think he could trust someone outside of his brothers. We see Kevin Owens who is decided to do anything needed to become champion. Kofi will do anything to retain the belt.

In the end, Kofi hits KO with his finisher and retains the belt!

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

This match comes with two surprises: Sami Zayn is out of the match as he got attacked, apparently, by Braun Strowman. As well, we have a team in the match: Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin.

They start taking every single superstar out. Working as a perfect team and taking advantage in the numbers. We see a rather idiotic exchange between Ricochet and Ali as they both try to go up the ladder…from the same side…while they were the only ones in the ring.

Then we have the spot of the night when Andrade hits a lethal move on Balor from the top of the ladder. Then we see Ali hit a Spanish Fly on Andrade from the top of the ladder as well.

Drew sets the biggest ladder from the ring to the announce table. Ali is going to suffer as Drew is about to throw him through that, he evades the move but Baron Corbin hits Ali through the Spanish announce table. Then throws Drew to the fans and hits Balor with a Chokeslam on a ladder. Hits a 6-Feet Under on Ricochet and gets a Claymore from Drew.

Drew is in control but Ricochet appears, when he is about to go up the ladder, Drew throws him over the third rope and Ricochet goes though the ladder that was set earlier. Drew goes up the ladder and Randy Orton hits an RKO on him, Baron throws him to the corner pole, goes up the ladder and Ali takes him out. Ali is about to get the briefcase but Brock Lesnar appears!!!

He takes Ali out and goes up the ladder. He is the winner.

Overall, a good pay-per-view event with the most awful ending that could’ve happened. Thank you, Vince…I guess?

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