Lords of the Fallen 2 Struggles to Find its Footing and Keep a Developer

Lords of the Fallen 2 Struggles to Find its Footing and Keep a Developer

Initially aiming for a 2017 release, Lords of the Fallen 2 has stumbled again. And they were so close.

In 2015, the game lost its original producer, Deck 13. Since then, development has been steadily slow.

Defiant Studios stepped in and replaced Deck 13, until recently. CI Games has cited ‘low quality issues’ as the reason for dropping Defiant Studios.

Founder and Managing Director David Grijns told them that “we categorically disagree with the portrayal of Defiant Studios made by CI Games. The team that was working on CI Games’ project was comprised of exceedingly talented developers whose work we fully stand behind.” That being said, Grijins said that Defiant Studios “cannot expand further on this matter” right now due to contractual obligations, so what exactly went down between Defiant Studios and CI Games will be shrouded in mystery for the foreseeable future.


Despite these ongoing perils, though, CI Games plans on finishing the game themselves in-house. There is still no word on a release date, but this is a given. Right?

At this point, the only game we can play is wait and see.

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