A Wild Findy Appears, Attacks Google!

A Wild Findy Appears, Attacks Google!

You know how when we go online…we’re always being monitored? Have you grown used to that feeling or are you tired of it? Well, a new competitor to giant Google arrived under the name of Findy and it is here to take that feeling away.

In a world where ads are everywhere and privacy is a myth we need a safe haven. Powered by community-driven AI, Findy is coming to stay. This Android and iOS application provides a distraction-free browsing experience while searching for the items you need.

We reverse-engineered the Internet and Google is gonna hate us.

-Findy co-founder. Aaron Rosenthal

Among Findy’s features, you can expect:

  • Searches thousands of sites and marketplace listings at once.
  • Eliminates ads, duplicates, and sponsored results.
  • Enables faster content while your data remains private on your device.
  • Community-powered means it gets smarter and faster as more users engage.
  • Deep links allow you to search across your favorite apps.
  • Start, stop, and re-engage your searches at any time.

About Findy

Findy is the world’s first search engine powered by your phone, bridging websites and apps together to make it easy to find what you want – search results that adapt to your choices, tastes, and interactions. It eliminates the extra work of having to hop from site-to-site and provides centralized results free of ads and duplicates. Findy is available on iOS and Android in North America with plans to expand worldwide.

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