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AEW Double Or Nothing: The Beginning of an Era

AEW Double Or Nothing: The Beginning of an Era

The time has come for the very first event of the newest wrestling company around, All Elite Wrestling. Is Double or Nothing the beginning of a new era in sports entertainment? We’ll have to go through this event first.

3 vs 3 – SCU vs Strong Hearts

The very first match of the night brings a lot of speed to the ring. We see great moves from both teams while they show teamwork all around!

We see some good combinations while the referee decided to grant some freedom during the match as we could see everyone in the ring, giving so much energy and dynamism to the match that it was super fun to watch. In the end, SCU went out with the win.

Triple Threat turned Fatal Four Way

The second match of the match was supposed to be a triple threat; however, after all three competitors went in, Brandi Rhodes came out and introduced Awesome Kong to the match!

Now we have two behemoths in the match, turning Britt and Kylie into the underdogs. The match starts with Kong’s showcase. Rather quickly, we see Kylie and Britt taking the ring for themselves. As soon as Nyla took the spotlight, though, she destroyed the opposition.

There’s this one amazing spot where Kong simply takes everyone from the corner and throws them down. It was simply amazing to watch!

Kong starts attacking everyone and annihilating the opposition until Nyla spears her against the steel steps and takes her out. Britt hits her finisher on Kylie and wins the match!

Best Friends vs Angelico and Jack Evans

We see a match between some good strikers and a couple of aerodynamic high fliers. I won’t lie about it, since I saw Angelico wrestle in Lucha Underground, I’ve been a huge fan.

We see some great moves from Angelico and Evans who started dominating the match. Then, as expected, the Best Friends were able to cause some damage. Evans had to survive everything they threw at him, and we see how much stamina this guy has. Everything they did, Evans survived as Angelico was out of action. When we thought Angelico and Evans were going to take the win, Angelico gets distracted and fails a move, leaving Evans alone. We get a pin and the Best Friends take the win.

After the match, both teams hugged it out, just to get the lights out and be attacked by an unexpected team. We don’t know these guys, but they came in here with a lot of minions who took out both teams, leaving a track of bodies before disappearing.

Students vs Trainer

This match starts being more about entertainment than anything else. Both teams had great entrances and we get to know that we’ll be seeing a student versus her mentor in this match. It is totally worth saying that these aren’t current teams but instead, three individuals tagging with other individuals and each just keeping their own pace.

We have Riho, Ryu Mizunami and Hikaru Shida being about the underdogs of the match as they face Yuka Sakazaki, Emi Sakura and Aja Kong. Yuka being extremely fast and agile is bringing the speed we want to see. It is maybe the most entertaining match of the night, with great moves coming and going, a fast pace and teamwork.

At one point in the match, Aja Kong gets ready to attack Hikaru with a trash can, but she takes what seems to be a kendo sword of her own and attacked back. All of this while the referee was distracted.

In the end, the student wins by hitting a knee in the face of her former trainer.

Brother vs Brother

We get one of the dramatic matches from the night when we get Cody vs Dustin. Not before Cody throwing shade at “The King” by taking a sledgehammer and destroying a throne. He is dethroning them. This is a direct challenge.

The match begins and the crowd went completely insane, half going with Cody, half with Dustin. At the beginning of the match, we see how Dustin is way more aggressive, bringing everything we need to the match. Cody had to take a breather. He went out of the ring, to ringside, drank some water and went back to the ring.

Dustin sets Cody for his corner kick and Cody takes out the corner protector to throw his brother face-first against it. It was the beginning of the bloodiest match we’ve seen in a while.

Even Brandi starts to behave like a pure heel now. She’s in Cody’s corner but not only to cheer for him, she’s there to cause some damage. With a hurt Dustin, she even applied a spear ringside to cause more damage, which made the referee take her out of ringside. Of course, she wasn’t going to leave peacefully and it was needed for DDP to come out and take her backstage.

We see both brothers hitting each other with everything they have, with so many crossrhodes that it is painful to watch. In the end Cody defeats his older brother.

When we thought it was done, Cody comes back to a bloody Dustin and tells him he needs a partner for the next event “Fight for the Fallen” and he wants his big brother by his side to fight against his friends: The Young Bucks. We will see the Rhodes brothers together!

Title Introduction

We get to see the legend, Bret Hart coming to the ring, to introduce the very first World Championship for All Elite Wrestling. He asks for the winner of the pre-show’s Battle Royal: Hangman Adam Page to the ring. Following his steps, we see MJF, the person he eliminated to get here.

He cuts a classic heel’s promo even throwing shade at Bret for what happened at WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony. Jungle Boy appears to stop him but he moves past him just to hear Jimmy Havok’s music. Now the three of them take MJF out and we get to see this gorgeous-looking belt.

Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks


We are about to see the best tag teams in the world, colliding against each other. We have the AAA Tag Team Champions versus the Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) and this match is for the belts.

As soon as the match began we notice how personal this match is. Pentagon and Matt go at it, then Fenix and Nick. Soon enough, we have the Lucha Bros with the upper hand against the Bucks. Of course, the Bucks had to take advantage at some point and they started to use quick tags to make some damage.

Pentagon starts to use Nick to attack Matt by making him miss. He does it twice and then Fenix comes in and makes everything right hitting a huge combo on the Bucks.

While the Bucks were able to bring some really good combinations, Pentagon was always making them look bad. He is becoming the greatest pain the The Young Bucks’ night. We end up seeing Super Kicks for everyone. What a great synergy, and not only within each team, but among all four competitors. This can become one of the biggest rivalries we’ll see in All Elite Wrestling.

The match keeps going, and we see the Lucha Bros hitting all of their moves on the Bucks, but Nick is kicking out every single time. Then Matt comes in and takes Fenix out  of the equation to go against Pentagon with a combination alongside Nick. Pentagon kicks out. Matt hits Pentagon with his own move and he kicks out again!

In the end, Matt hits Fenix with a piledriver with the help of Nick to win the match and retain the belts! What a match! If we’re not in front of the main event, I can only imagine how will Alpha vs Omega 2 be.

Alpha vs Omega – Part 2

We already watched the first part of this in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It was an instant classic. What will we see in this match to surprise us?

Remember, the winner of this match will fight Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship and the rights to become the very first champion of the company.

The match was everything we expected. We got a super technical match between these two wrestlers. Jericho even got Omega to bleed out of his nose for most part of the match. Not to mention that we got some entertaining match as Jericho being who he is, decided to bring that factor to the table. At one point he threw Omega to the crowd and took the camera to start recording until Omega spit on him.

We got to see Jericho throwing Omega through a table as well.

The match was really tight, with both getting the best out of the other. Omega hit Jericho in the face with his knee as strongly as he possibly could quite a few times. Jericho, put Omega in troubles with the Walls of Jericho as well.

Everything came to an end when Jericho hit a codebreaker on Omega as he was coming from the top rope and got a 3 count. During his celebration, though, we got the surprise of the night!

None other than Jon Moxley came through the crowd and attacked Jericho, the referee and then Omega. He arrived as the lunatic we remember from old times!

Outside of the ring, Moxley got into a fight with an exhausted Omega who was defending himself, until they went up the stage and climbed on top of the poker chips used as part of the stage. On top of them, Moxley hit his finisher on Omega to end up throwing him down and putting a perfect end to the first ever All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view Double or Nothing.

Our Thoughts

It is really good seeing raw wrestling happening in a Pay-Per-View event. I was not expecting anything out of this event and took the chance as there’s amazing talent in the roster of this new company. I left completely satisfied and happy to see the level of performance these superstars brought to the wrestling mat.

There were some situations that were part of this being the first show. During the broadcast it seemed as if they were going to play a replay and felt as if the graphics didn’t load so you’d see the image becoming a black square and immediately come back to the match without any replay showing on screen.

During the 3 vs 3 women’s match, at one point Emi was trying to pin Hikaru and she was able to kick out of it, but the person in charge of the bell thought it was a 3 count and rang it. Music started playing while the referee was signaling it was only a 2 count. This distracted the wrestlers for a few seconds, and ended up with Hikaru taking the win.

None of these situations brought down the quality of the show, though. It was really the best wrestling event of 2019 so far, and that’s to say a lot. If you are a wrestling fan, take the time to watch this event, you will not regret doing so.

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