Crash Team Racing Adventure Mode Details Released

Crash Team Racing Adventure Mode Details Released

When Crash Bandicoot got a remake back in 2017 fans were hoping that we would see a remake of the beloved Crash racing game. At E3 last year, gamers got their wish! Now, details have been released about the adventure mode featured in the upcoming Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled title!

Time to get Crash and get wild!

Single-player experiences aren’t something many online game developers put much focus into these days. Mostly, they focus on making the online experience more competitive in order to draw in more people. However, what’s great about remakes of these old titles is that game developers also get to go back to that old style of thinking. With Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Activision is promising a fun single-player experience as well as great online play. It’s difficult to try and balance both old and new gameplay, but they claim to have been able to do it. They state:

In CTR Nitro-Fueled, you will get to choose from the “Classic” or “Nitro Fueled” variants of this mode! Each mode offers a lot of things to earn along the way, though there are some slight differences.

Classic story, updated look

The Classic Adventure mode will be exactly as it was back in the time of the original release, but the main difference will be the updated visuals. There are five hub worlds and several races to complete in said worlds. However, there will also be challenges to face:

Trophy Races: Ready to hit the track? Race against your favorite crazy competitors and earn Trophy as you win. Then use those Trophies to unlock the next tracks to continue your adventure!

Boss Keys: When you’ve claimed all the Trophies in a particular world, you get to race a Boss! Whether it’s Ripper Roo, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe, or Pinstripe Potoroo, face off against each one and beat them to claim their key: It’s the only way to unlock your final battle against Nitros Oxide! Now, bosses will be unlocked as you beat them.

CTR Challenges: Reckon you can take first place? What about when you’ve a “C”, “T”, and “R” token to grab during that race? Those letters can be hidden in some fiendishly-cunning locations, and you need to grab all three as well as finishing first!

Crystal Challenges: Bonus Round! Once this opens up, you need to collect 20 crystals before the time runs out. Succeed, and you earn a special purple Token!

Relic Races: Gather strange Relics by finishing a solo race in the fastest time possible! As well as learning all a course’s shortcuts and proper turning techniques, you also need to smash Time Crates to freeze the clock for an additional time bonus.

Gem Cups: Once you’ve obtained four CTR Tokens of the same color, expect a weird and wonderful warp vortex to appear; transporting you to series of (usually) four races. Beat all opponents to unlock some extra-special rewards!

Limitations for this mode are that you can only use one character for the entire campaign, only the original characters featured in the old game are present, there’s no difficulty setting, and there is no kart customization.

New and improved

Nitro-Fueled is the updated adventure mode and will vary from the classic mode in slight ways. You can customize your kart with various cosmetic changes and your opponents will do the same. There will be the option to change your character and kart whenever you’d like. Also, there are three difficulty settings to choose from and a new HUD display.

Regardless of which version you decide to play, Activision promises that players will get to enjoy the same unlockable rewards.

There are new items all throughout the Adventure Mode in CTR Nitro-Fueled. You will still be earning the boss characters like in the original, but now you will also be getting new kart parts, character skins, or kart customization items with every victory. Also, players will now earn the boss characters immediately after they beat that boss, instead of after Gem Cups. This includes the ability to earn the infamous Nitros Oxide himself!

Pre-order items and exclusives

Fans that want the ultimate experience will surely want to snag their copies early. Regardless of the console you choose to buy it for, you will receive the Electron Skins Pack. This includes special skins for Crash Coco and Cortex, each with its own unique podium animation. However, only PlayStation 4 players will be able to obtain the exclusive retro items. These include Crash, Coco, and Cortex character skins, retro karts, as well as a soon-to-be-revealed retro track. The good news this seems to be a standard reward in the PS4 version and not a pre-order bonus. Finally, if you purchase the Nitros Oxide Edition of the game you can play as Nitros Oxide, Crunch, Zem or Zam from and race with Oxide’s Hovercraft from day one! Also, you’ll receive exclusive skins and customization items.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled will be released on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch June 24th of this year! Fans can head over to the official website to snag their pre-orders now or check out the adventure mode trailer below!


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