Midsommar Full Trailer is Full Thriller

“Midsommar” is the latest and greatest chaos from Ari Aster. You might recognize his name from “Hereditary”, last year’s successful thriller starring Toni Collette. But whether you know his name or previous work is neither here or there. What matters is “Midsommar”, creepily summarized as:

“A couple’s vacation to a Swedish village takes a sinister turn when the insular townspeople invite them into a series of rituals that render their pastoral paradise increasingly unnerving, in this dread-soaked and viscerally disquieting psychological thriller.”

See for yourself.

Creepy, right? Only Aster can take a romantic and sun-kissed summer trip and turn it into something from a bad acid trip. Aster himself describes his horror film as a “Wizard of Oz for perverts.” Whether this confuses you more or has you counting down to its release, “Midsommar” is sure to deliver.

You can catch the insanity in theaters July 3.

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