Vampire Bloodlines 2 and Seattle’s Nightlife

Vampire Bloodlines 2 and Seattle’s Nightlife

If you’ve been curious about Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 since its announcement, stress no more. Following the success of the first RPG meets first-person action game in 2004, Bloodlines 2 is just as promising. How could it not be with a description like “messy characters make for a bloody game set in modern-day Seattle?”

Players start the game as a newly-created vampire that gains power through human blood and emotions. Wait, emotions?

Yup. These aren’t your typical feed-on-humans-vampire. To progress through the game, human emotions are needed. So how does one accomplish this? According to Brian Mitsoda, the game’s narrative lead,

“Players might observe someone crashing their bike on a deserted street corner, then choose to swoop in and taste that pain. Later they might catch a pair of young lovers out for a walk, then follow one of them home to sample their desire.”

The emotional state of NPC’s is the key to achieving powerful skills. And it’s these skills that allows them “to perform stunts in combat or influence social interactions.”

Between these graphics and a tagline of “A City Run on Blood”, Bloodlines 2 is creating quite the hype. P.C., Xbox, and PS4 will have to wait until 2020 to see if it lives up to the tease.

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