Pokémon Sword and Shield: Game Freak pulls back Curtain on game in latest Direct.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Game Freak pulls back Curtain on game in latest Direct.

The world of Pokémon is about to get a whole lot more expansive, and today, Game Freak revealed a collection of new Pokémon and Trainers that players will encounter in the Galar Region.

The Direct kicked off by introducing four new Pokémon to the trainers of the world.


This Normal-Type sheep Pokémon became a fan favorite the moment it was revealed. It’s an adorable sheep ball. That’s pretty hard to hate, even if it is the second most useless Pokémon ever created.

Gossifleur and Eldegoss

These two are actually the first evolutionary line introduced in the Galar Region. Both are pure Grass-Types, and appear to be based on Dandelions. They seem to be accessible early on in the game, although nothing is certain at this point.



This Water/Rock Snapping Turtle seems to be one of the late game finds in the Galar Region. It doesn’t seem like he will receive an evolution, although his design does seem reminiscent of other Stage 1 Turtle Pokémon. If this is his final form, then hopefully this menacing Turtle in particular finds some success in both casual and competitive Pokémon battles.




It’s a giant terrifying crow. It’s also a Flying/Steel type. This Pokémon is sure to become Galar’s staple Bird Pokémon, as it serves as a taxi service to return to towns that a player has already visited.


The Legendary Dogs

Zamzenta, The Legendary of Shield

Zacian, the Legendary of Sword

The Cover Legendaries for Sword and Shield were also revealed at the end of the Direct, although not much is known about them, save for their names and appearances. There is also a high chance that they are Steel-Types, but that is purely speculation.

New Feature: Dynamax

Alongside the new Pokémon, Sword and Shield will introduce the new combat feature known as Dynamax. When activated, Dynamax allows a Pokémon to grow to tremendous size, and gain equally tremendous power. This effect lasts for three rounds, after which the Pokémon reverts to its previous size.

Raid Battles and Co-Op Play

The Direct unveiled an incredible new feature: Co-Op Play and Max Raid Battles. In this mode, a trainer teams up with four other trainers to defeat a Dynamaxxed Pokémon. Unlike normal Dynamaxing, this Raid boss is Kaiju-sized for the whole battle. Once the titan has been defeated, trainers will have the option to capture the beast.

New Trainers

Several of the supporting characters were revealed in today’s Direct, including one man who the internet insists is Captain America himself, Chris Evans, making his Pokémon debut.

The Champion of the Galar Region is named Leon. He is undefeated, has a cool cape, and his partner Pokémon is a Charizard.

The Professor of Galar is called Professor Magnolia. She specializes in the rare Dynamax Phenomenon.

The Professor has an assistant named Sonia, and the internet immediately fell in love with her.

Your rival for Sword and Shield is named Hop. He is the son of Leon, and starts your journey with you.

The Direct also introduced one of the Gym leaders, Milo. He is a grass-type specialist and is insanely buff. He appears to have an Eldegoss.


One final thing was revealed before the Direct came to a close: Pokémon Sword and Shield will release on November 15, 2019.

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