All Borderlands E3 2019 New

All Borderlands E3 2019 New

Gearbox has been very busy in giving new Borderlands news. Both in the form of Borderlands 2 DLC and Borderlands 3. With just months away from the game’s release, new vault hunters are getting their spotlight.

Borderlands 3


Moze is one of the new vault hunters for Borderlands 3, and she’s a mecha wielding queen. We’ve seen other types of robots in Borderlands 2 with Gaige, but none that we could traverse in. Moze changes all of that with her new mecha and skill trees. While she’s also known as the gunner in Borderlands 3, she has one specific difference from the others, and that’s her giant mech. In the gameplay preview below, it shows off the skill tree for Auto Bear.

New Borderlands 3 Trailer

As if Gearbox hasn’t shown enough, they have also release a new Borderlands 3 trailer for everyone to enjoy. It shows more gameplay from all vault hunters, alongside story details. It starts with a pan on Lilith, who drops the major news that she is no longer a Siren. Whether or not this is true for the game, it was certainly interesting timing for plot details. Going forward it shows more details on the new 4 vault hunters, FL4K, Amara, Moze, and Zane. When Borderlands 3 hits September 2019 you can pick which one you want to play!

Borderlands 2 New DLC!

Now this is by far one of the more exciting pieces from Gearbox’s presentation at E3. While they’ve put in tons of effort to make Borderlands 3 amazing the past six years, they are also releasing a new Borderlands 2 DLC called Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. This DLC will be free for the first month it’s released for all who own Borderlands 2. Claim it now and own it forever, or wait and pay the $20. The best part of this is it bridges the gap between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3.

After watching the Borderlands 3 news, a lot has changed since we finished Borderlands 2. Some characters are gone, there are some new ones, and Sanctuary is a spaceship. But this new DLC gives in story details and closes some books on characters to make the transition much easier. Not to mention there’s some new weapons that highlight functionality from Borderlands 3, and also new villains.

In all honest Gearbox didn’t have to release this Borderlands 2 DLC. They could have easily lumped it into Borderlands 3 and made it a prologue, but it was the smart move to make it a DLC for their previous installment. It makes the game relevant leading up to the Borderlands 3 release, and also shows a lot of care to their community that they wanted to make the transition all the more smoother.

E3 2019 is not yet over, and there’s plenty of more news coming!

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