Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Unboxing

Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Unboxing

Borderlands 3 is officially out on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Leading up to the release, Gearbox sold exclusive Diamond Loot Chest collector’s editions. Here’s our official unboxing for this collector’s edition of Borderlands 3.

Box Art

The Diamond Loot Chest comes inside a cardboard box, with perfect art and propaganda written on it. It aligns well with Troy and Tyreen’s Children of the Vault cult, alongside the Vault Hunters.

With this just being the cardboard box, the contents inside must be amazing – and they were!

The Diamond Loot Chest

The Diamond Loot Chest itself is made of a durable plastic. It has two latches in the front, and then the top slides back to reveal all the epic loot inside. On both sides are handles for carrying; and while it looks like it has functional buttons and plugs I can confirm it is not.

Disc Holder

The top layer of the chest is the disc holder, where you can imagine a cartridge box and disc would live. In my case being the PC version, this was empty – but the artwork is amazing. I can definitely see putting the steelcase in here for storage!


The next layer in the box is the keychains; four specific Vault Keys that will appear in the game. No information with them, just very pliable keychains made of plastic.


The major selling point for the Diamond Loot Chest was the figures that came with it! With 10 figures, it covers the new Vault Hunters Amara, Fl4k, Moze, and Zane; alongside the new villains Troy and Tyreen. Old favorites are also back including Lilith, Claptrap, Moxxi, and Ellie. They’re fairly big in size, and are sort of bronze designed. I originally thought they were unpainted, but it’s purposely done to look stained.

Model Sanctuary III

This was probably the most exciting and surprise in the Diamond Loot Chest. When originally ordering it, I figured this would just be a model ship that’s on a base; but instead it’s a snap together model. All you need for assembly is clippers and exacto-knife; it’s glue free! I will say the plastic is very durable, but you will have to paint it if you want it to look well-worn and Borderlands-esque.

Cloth Map

Something that I will definitely be framing is the cloth map that is also in the chest! It’s fairly large, and shows four planets including Promethea, Pandora, Eden, and Eridian Rift. None of these make much sense plot-wise, but I expect we’ll be visiting them very soon!

Cloth Map


More amazing art! Packed in a neat ‘Torgue’s Package Delivery’ envelope are five lithograph ‘paintings’ for the main characters. Featured include:

  • Amara as “The Siren”
  • Fl4k as “The Beastmaster”
  • Moze as “The Gunner”
  • Troy & Tyreen as “The Calypso Twins”
  • Zane Flynt as “Himself”

Overall Thoughts

I do think the Gearbox limited edition Diamond Loot Chest is a really good deal. You get the Super Deluxe version of Borderlands 3 (with gold weapons skin pack, deluxe bonus content, and seasons pass), a very pliable and durable Loot Chest, four keychains, ten figures, model Sanctuary III, cloth map, and five lithographs. If you’re a fan of the game or franchise, then this is certainly an edition you’d want to have!

Keep an eye out for our official review for Borderlands 3 when it’s up very soon!

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