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WWE Draft 2019 Results – Day 2

WWE Draft 2019 Results – Day 2

Tonight was the night for us to know the definitive list of roster changes in WWE. Monday Night RAW hosted the second wave of drafts between brands, based on the desires of USA Network and FOX. Let’s check out who ended where below. You can check the results from the first wave here.

The rules are simple. For every 2 superstars drafted to Friday Night SmackDown, Monday Night RAW gets 3 picks. We see different matches happening that will change the order of picks, but in the end, the outcome is pretty much the same.

Monday Night RAW

Seth RollinsCharlotte FlairAndrade & Zelina VegaThe Kabuki WarriorsRusevAleister BlackCedric AlexanderHumberto CarrilloEric RowanBuddy MurphyJinder MahalR-TruthSamoa JoeAkira TozawaShelton BenjaminRey MysterioTitus O'NeilLiv Morgan

Friday Night SmackDown

Brock LesnarThe New DayDaniel BryanBayleyShinsuke NakamuraAliDolph Ziggler & Robert RoodeCarmellaThe MizKing CorbinShorty GableElias

Keep in mind that any other superstar which wasn’t drafted is automatically a “free agent”. They’ll start negociations with their preferred brands to join them full-time.

Which free agents do you think should go to RAW and SmackDown? Do you think any superstar should go to NXT?

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