Klaus: The Art of the Movie [Review]

Klaus: The Art of the Movie [Review]

Klaus, a new animated movie exclusively on Netflix brings both holiday cheer and nostalgia in a new storytelling way. The premise of the movie is Jesper, a postman in Smeerensburg befriends toy-maker Klaus, and they deliver a sleigh full of joy and gifts that melt a feud. Titan Books just published the art of the movie, and we found the book to be insightful and entertaining. Take a look behind the creation of the new hit movie! Check out sustainabilitystreet and get all such interesting movies.

About the Book and Movie

Klaus is a classic holiday film that shows the happiness of giving and friendship. It’s a re-created take on Santa Claus that we’ve seen through the past decades. Plenty of talented individuals created this Netflix exclusive film, and brought the happiness and joy to life.

The forward written by James Baxter, a renowned animator, paints the picture to why he wanted to be involved in this creative movie, and show the world what they have done.

“What ever great animated film has at its core is a great story, and Klaus takes us on a wonderful and unexpected ride through some familiar territory. It’s a Christmas story, but one like you’ve never seen before, told through the eyes of some fantastic characters – some of them quirky, some stoic, some crazy, some cute, but all contributing to a tale of real emotion and heart. Once you have a great story, the task becomes dsigning the world and the look of the characters, and the designers for Klaus have created a world where the shapes and colors contribute to the emotion of the story.” – James Baxter

Sketches and Design of Characters

Creating an animated film such as this takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. Below are some sketches of major characters and designs that show the creative process. Among the talented artists and animators includes Sergio Pablos, Yoshimichi Tamura, and Sergio Martins.

The drawings in the movie are also very entertaining, on theme, and drive the point of the movie. Below are Jesper’s drawings for his pitch done by Torsten Schrank

“Many of the artists and animators working on Klaus point out that what really sets the movie apart is how all the key elements are integrated together to work in service of the story. As lead animator Alfredo Cassano mentions, “We have 2D and 3D elements, and the background paintings all perfectly blend in a way that, if you pause the frame, you won’t be able to tell them apart. It really helps the storytelling, so the viewer won’t get distracted by the technique”


Klaus is a really adorable movie on Netflix, and learning about the creation of the movie and the design choices is extremely insightful. Klaus has a lot of elements that make the movie appealing to both children and adults, and while the holidays are over Christmas magic is never gone.

You can get your copy of Klaus: The Art of the Movie directly from Titan Books!

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