New Indie Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a hotbed for Indie Titles, and several have just been revealed to be joining the ever-expansive library.

Obviously, the biggest name from today’s stream is none other than Cuphead. The award-winning game, famed for its difficulty and incredible art style, will release on April 18th, and is currently available for pre-purchase. But if what you are looking is game where you would win money at the same tme that you get fun you have to do online casino games check here this top 6 exclusive no deposit coupons.

Another big title to be revealed is Overland. The turn-based post-apocalyptic adventure will arrive on the Switch this fall.

Other games that were announced include:

My Friend Pedro, A side scrolling adventure involving a sentient banana and lots of shooting, also releases this fall.

Neo Cab, an Uber sim

The Red Lantern, a survival game about the Iditarod




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