Acts of Desperation Review

An unhurried, unique, and unpredictable dark comedy after the build up to the ultimate collision of seemingly unrelated lives. There’s the desperate cop, his beautiful but desperate wife, and a desperately shrewd bank robber. We also have a desperately obsessed, suicidal woman and two desperately unhinged street criminals. Time begins to run out as their worlds all meet in frantic and bumbling situations.


So Morgan Freeman is sitting in a diner, only it’s not Morgan Freeman. His name is Glenn Klose, and he’s a super polite bank robber. The dudes a table over give the order of “a ton of pancakes” to a very confused but professional waitress. One is hellbent that Morgan Freeman is chillin’ in a diner with the fakest eyebrows and mustache the Dollar Store carries. The other dude doesn’t care and just wants his pancakes.

After a quick bank stop to steal cash with compliments, manners, and dynamite, Glenn ups his good citizen game. He stops a jogger from ending her morning run with a Tom-Petty-style-free-fall off a bridge. His suicidal new friend has equally questionable characteristics, like being a home wrecker by sleeping with an unhappily married woman. Husband of said confused,unhappily married cheater is already heading for an epic meltdown. What will this affair do to a man teetering on the verge of losing his shit?


There’s the bank robber who was low-key harassed by the Pancake Pair and then saves the suicidal woman. We also have the confused woman who suicidal woman is having an affair with. And let’s not forget the cop – you know, the one about to lose his shit?

Yeah, because he’s the one that essentially hosts the meet-and-greet between this eclectic and chaotic bunch. As hilarious and entertaining things have been, this is the turning point where everyone wants answers and revenge. But who will get what they want, and who will get what they deserve?

Whip up some pancakes and watch to find out.


Nothing stands out about the cinematography, but it works for this film.


Similar to the cinematography, music would only take away from the film.


Acts of Desperation is categorized as a thriller; although Dark Comedy is more fitting for it. Throughout the film you’ll find out that there’s more comedy than anything else and this isn’t something bad. It just works.


Part unpredictable, part been there, done that. Acts of Desperation leans favorably towards the category of cult classics instead of Award-winning feature. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


  • Plenty of hilarious moments
  • Suspenseful scenes balance the plot
  • Fun, funny, and entertaining


  • Film is slow and choppy at times
  • Flow of the plot is bumpy and distracting at parts
  • Unconvincing acting takes away significantly from the film


Story - 5
Characters - 5
Cinematography - 3
Soundtrack - 2
Thriller - 5
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