Agony Review

If you are looking to play the game and do not wish to see spoilers please avoid the following.

Before jumping to more in depth information let me provide you with some background surrounding the game as well as what to expect when playing the game.

Game Mechanics/Gameplay

This game has been formatted for Multi-Platform services, this including; PC, XBOX One, and Playstation 4. My platform for playing this is my PC so please keep that in mind while reading. My play method is using my XBOX One controller, you can use a gaming mouse, I just prefer a control er over a mouse. When entering you can view the mechanics of your choice of controls to help in getting you situated with what you should do. When playing you be viewing it through the first person perspective. In some cases the first person perspective can get a little tricky due to some level designs when it comes down to the shifting upside down curves you have to walk through in certain areas.


You don’t find out through gameplay who you are right off. In the beginning you are speaking about how you lost your memory. So its not until later on that you figure out who you are and what you did.
Your character was a king in an ancient land who made a pact with the Red Goddess. During game play he is referred to as Nimrod by the Goddess and Amraphel by the souls of the damned. Some of the souls of the damned have been able to retain parts of their memories and are blaming you for their suffering during your time alive.

Immortal BeingsCreaturesLost SoulsDemons
  • God
  • Kali
  • Red Goddess
  • Virgin Mary
  • Dragon
  • Fly
  • Ghost Tentacles
  • Harpy
  • Infant
  • Snake
  • Background Martyr
  • Burning Martyr
  • Bush Martyr
  • Ifrit
  • Martyr
  • Nimrod
  • Painter
  • Prisoner
  • Soul Mirror
  • Spider
  • Wind Ifrit
  • Baphomet
  • Chort
  • Demon Child
  • Enormous Chort
  • Onoskelis
  • Satan
  • Succubus
  • Ugly Goddess
  • Winged Succubus


Gritty/Creepy theme to add depth to scenes.

First of all I would like to say this, I was very excited for this game to be available; I enjoyed the imagery and the trailers, I was intrigued by the designs and was excited to see how far they could push the limits. With this being said, what I saw changed my mind quickly.

As stated the artwork is beautifully grotesque. The story line is solid and it really does try to keep the player intrigued in the story. However with this being said I feel as if they put more focus on the cinematic trailers than actual game play. While playing the game I started off very excited, I wanted to see and hope that this game met the hype that they pushed out. Its actually hard for me to write this as I had such hope.

The lighting is god awful. In many places its either black, or overly saturated in bright colors. Character movement isn’t terrible but there are points where even your ability to send out a path does not help you get to where you need to be. By collecting the statues of the goddess you are able to send out a path to give you some direction to your next path. Once you use up those statues you must venture on your own. In the control options you are shown that you can attack opponents. That doesn’t happen until later in the game though so until then run and hide and rely on tossing torches to avoid the demons.

Speaking of demons!

Many have tried to insist that the game is sexist. I do hate to break it to you, but if those who dared to play the game stuck with it you’d see that the females, the succubi are more powerful than any male in the game, they consider the souls of the damned toys and uses them as such. The use of vaginal imagery is more so symbolism of lust, you know, one of the seven deadly sins? Both men and women suffer in the game, if you are one of the cursed souls you are damned, unless you go to the Red Goddess for mercy. There are also lesser demons who are penis shaped and some bigger male demons that appear to only serve the succubi. This also goes alongside of several dead babies.

The company has already put a patch in place, but with how it plays out there are still many areas that could use improvement. And I hope they do fix it! This game has a lot of potential and can be more successful than it presently is with some fans. Parts of the game play, the lighting, the interactions, and in some cases the voice acting not matching up with the subtitles, could easily be fixed. I believe that there was more focus on shock value and grotesque imagery then there was on the coding.

To describe it in terms of past video games, its an attempt to smash together Dark Souls, Outlast, and Dante’s Inferno. To compare graphics, I recently went back to playing Dante’s Inferno and the graphics, I feel, are much better in that 2010 game than this 2018 game. Again my hope is that they fix the game and take the critique of what the fans are saying as we want this hellish game to be an amazingly fun hellish game, rather than a game that is agonizing to look at.


  • Artwork is fantastic
  • The story had its moments
  • Creatures were well done in terms of taking certain lore to develop them


  • Lighting is over saturated
  • Certain areas are very hard to maneuver around considering the controls
  • Glitching in a lot of areas


Story - 10
Artwork - 10
Gameplay - 5
Soundtrack - 5
Controls - 7
Movement - 7
Lag - 5
B-Rated Horror Movie Enthusiast, currently attending school for my Bachelors in Video Game Art and Design.
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