Alien: The Blueprints Review

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Here we have our latest review, Alien: The Blueprints. In this extensive book, you can find a ton of new information about the franchise, specifically with technology. From detailed blueprints, to spanning throughout the franchise – the book is a good companion for any fan.

The Book

Featured in this book are blueprints for technology ranging from every Alien installment. Below is the table of contents from the book directly, explaining what you can check out:

  • Alien
    • Cygnus Tesotek Refinery
    • The Nostromo
    • The Narcissus
  • Aliens
    • Derelict Alien Ship
    • Space Jockey
    • APC
    • The Sulaco
    • Dropship
    • Powerloader
    • Hadley’s Hope
    • Diahotai Tractor
  • Alien 3
    • Emergency Escape Vehicle
    • Penal Colony
  • Alien Resurrection
    • The Betty
    • USM Auriga
  • Prometheus
    • The Prometheus
    • RT01
    • RC01
    • ATV
  • Alien: Covenant
    • Lander
    • Cargo Lifter
    • The Covenant

To show off how amazing this book is, check out our teaser images below. They can give you a good picture of why this book is perfect for anyone who enjoyed the films, and those who are simply interested in the world.

USCSS Nostromo

Featured in the Nostromo images, are locations and diagrams of where the Infirmary is, Warrant Officer, Navigator, Storage Lockers, Scullery, etc. The books provides enhanced imagery into the layout of the Nostromo. This is just one of many blueprints for the Nostromo in the book, going through every level.

USCSS Prometheus

This specific blueprint for Prometheus shows the front and back outer views of the ship. Including details like the Ion Plasma Engines, Long-Range Interstellar Communications Antennae, and the Emergency Lifeboat.


For this last image, we are featuring Lander. This specific blueprint is for the front and rear view, showing the Medbay, Bridge, Payload Bay, Munitions Locker, and Survival Equip. Locker. 

The Blueprints

The Alien movie blueprints featured in this book are extremely detailed. Scaling, descriptions, and explanations of layout are extraordinary. This book coupled with Titan Books’ latest The Making of Alien, are perfect for the celebration of the movie’s initial release 40 years ago.

One of the more infatuating parts of the Alien franchise is the practical technology used. The series is set in a more technological advanced time, and being able to visibly see the layout, scaling, and detail that went into the planning is remarkable.

The author for Alien: The Blueprints is Graham Langridge. He wrote a captivating afterword at the end of the book, explaining his fascination with the series and how spectacularly it was designed and executed.

“Out of all the movies I have seen, Alien (1979) is the one that stands out – not just for the sci-fi horror connections but also because of all the many other elements that combine to form the finished product. The story; the acting; the set design (used, worn and beaten) being so different to the bright and new sets seen in the years preceding it; the biomechanical design and the animatronics for the alien creature; the costume design; the cinematography and the editing. All worked in perfect synergy to create a product that 40 years later is still being talked about and still setting a precedent” – Afterword, Graham Langridge

Concluding Thoughts

Above all, if you love Alien you’ll adore this book. There’s an overwhelming amount of detail provided for each blueprint. As a result, I found myself looking closer and closer into each picture throughout the book, learning about the design and why the franchise is so spectacular.

Should you be curious, we have our official review for The Making of Alien up, showing behind-the-scenes images that started the franchise.

You can personally pick up both Alien: The Blueprints and The Making of Alien directly from Titan Books. They are truly wonderful, and the site will direct you to a local retailer.

*This book was provided for review thanks to Titan Books


  • Great Detail in the Blueprints
  • Aligns with Movie Information
  • Perfect Companion for Films
  • New Insightful Information


  • Can Be Overwhelming with Detail (Not Knowing the Franchise)


Quality of Information - 9
Connection to Movies - 10
Length of Book - 9.4
Value of Book - 10
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