Alita: Battle Angel Dr. Ido’s Journal Review

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Titan Books has recently published the official Alita: Battle Angel Dr. Ido’s Journal, an accompanying piece to their Alita: Battle Angel Novelization and the movie! This journal shows all of Ido’s knowledge on Alita, alongside other details within the movie. Featuring gorgeous artwork, inserts, and schematics; Ido’s Journal is a great accompanying book for any fan of the movie or manga series!

Without spoiling the entire book, know that the journal is based on the journal from the movie, and it has tons of information. Below are some of the inserts from the book:

There are also some images from the journal itself:

If you’ve watched the movie and enjoyed the world, then Dr. Ido’s Journal is a perfect book to have. It gives just tons of detail on the movie and Ido’s thoughts towards Alita.

“I never completely stopped worrying about her, but I have to admit that for a little while there I watched in breathless awe with the rest of the crowd as Alita took out seemingly non-stop attackers with lightning fast spins, kicks, and blocks. In all the years I’d been involved with Motorball, I’d never seen anything like it.

There was a brief moment when I thought maybe she’d try to escape, but Altia looked back at the tube and waited calmly while, one by one, Screwhead, Mace, Kumaza, and a player I recognize from a Factory “Wanted” poster emerged. They skidded to a stop and formed a ragged line across the track. All of them were damaged and seriously pissed. Stinger most of all, as he freed himself from the spike and glared at Alita”

You can get your copy of Dr. Ido’s Journal directly from Titan Books, where they’ll direct you to a retailer!


  • Art and Sketches are Gorgeous
  • Inserts Add Extra Quality
  • Great Connection to Movie


  • Can be Confusing if You Don't Know the Movie


Character Details - 9
Connection to Movie - 10
Art/Sketches - 10
Inserts - 8.5
New Details - 9
Writing - 8.5
Quality - 10
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