Alita: Battle Angel – The Official Movie Novelization Review

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Alita: Battle Angel has become a high ranking movie as of late, and Titan Books has gone ahead with the help of Pat Cadigan, to create the official novelization. As with novelizations, it follows the movie exactly, but gives more descriptions, and details into things we may have missed while watching it!

Alita: Battle Angel Novelization is a great accompanying book for anyone who loves reading, and learning more about movies. While it follows the movie as expected, reading it can be much more knowledgeable than just watching it. I for one, enjoy reading novelizations to understand character’s emotions more, and find the smaller details that the movie doesn’t highlight as well.

Going into this novelization, it’s just as action-packed as the movie, and gives off the same Sci-Fi feelings. Alita’s experiences as a cyborg who doesn’t remember her past are just as detailed as in the movie, but characterizations and understanding motives are much more clear. The dystopian post-apocalyptic setting is very on-point with the movie, and is very fast paced as a novel.

Knowing that Alita is highly based on the 1990s Japanese manga titled Gunnm, it explains a lot of the descriptors in the book alongside details in the movie.

Without spoiling the plot, know the highlights:

Alita is a cyborg that awakens without her memories, in a world she doesn’t recognize. She forms a friendship with Ido, a doctor who realizes she’s a cyborg but has the heart of a young woman. Along her travels through the city, she befriends a man named Hugo who helps to trigger her memories. But not everything can be great for long, when a corrupt force comes after Alita.

If you enjoyed watching the movie or reading the manga it’s based off of, then the novelization is a great way to learn more about the creation. It’s much more descriptive than the movie, and gives a ton more detail. Something that I really love.

You can get your copy of Alita: Battle Angel the Official Movie Novelization directly from Titan Books.


  • Great Connection to Movie
  • Gives Further Details on Characters and Setting
  • Much More Descriptive


  • Can Be Repetitive
  • Plot Was Predictible


Story - 8.5
Character Development - 7
Connection to Movie - 9
Similarities to Manga - 7.2
Action - 8
Writing - 8.9
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