Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

The latest in Marvel’s long line of blockbuster hits debuted in theaters this weekend. Did it soar high, or did it fall flat?

The Basics

Ant-Man 2 follows Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) as he deals with the fallout of is actions in Captain America: Civil War. Now under house arrest, Scott has put his heroic actions behind him and starteda business with his best friend Luis (Michael Pena). With his house arrest nearly over, all seems to be going well for the Ex-Con, until his former colleagues Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lily) pull him back into the hero life in order to delve into the mystical quantum realm, all while dealing with a mysterious new villain, Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen).

A Fresh Start

Ant-Man 2 gives fans of Marvel a breather following the events of Infinity War. In Marvel’s biggest film to date, nearly every hero and villain ever were put on the line and battled for survival. In Ant-Man 2, a man fights boredom while under house arrest for a third of the movie. while this change of pace and tone is pleasant, having it immediately follow Marvel’s penultimate showdown leaves viewers with a poor impression of this film, despite it doing nothing wrong. Ant-Man And The Wasp’s only flaw is being released where it was, as any other Marvel movie with any other stakes would have fared the same.

More RDJ Levels of Casting

Much like Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man, 2015’s Ant-Man casts actors and actresses who truly embody the characters they play, and they continue to do so in the sequel. Paul Rudd captures the witty, intelligent mind of Scott Lang perfectly, Evangeline Lily truly dominates in every scene she is in. Whereas in Ant-Man 1 Lily was eager to jump in a suit and fight, in Ant-Man 2 she is shown to be truly powerful, and every bit as capable as she claimed in Ant-Man. Michael Douglas, as always, is excellent, and while fans have yet to see a recreation of the infamous domestic violence that Hank Pym was known for in the comics, Douglas’s flashes of anger hint towards what fans know is hidden deep within him, although they may never get to see that infamous moment.

The Quantum Realm Revealed

After losing the title of “Trippiest Marvel Moment” to 2016’s Doctor Strange, Ant-Man 2 fired back hard by delving into the quantum realm. while 2015’s brief look was stunning, it barely scratched the surface of what the realm had to offer, and in all honesty, the deep dive Ant-Man 2 gave viewers doesn’t go much deeper, yet the dive is so visually stunning that it sets a new bar for the Marvel Visual Effects teams to reach, while simultaneously opening the path for more explorations into this dimension in the future.

Possibly The Best Joke In A Marvel Movie Ever

Best Joke In Marvel History
Roughly a third of the way through the movie, Scott, Hope, and Hank take a trip to visit Bill Foster (Lawrence Fishburne). Due to all of them being criminals according to the law, they are forced to go incognito, with each of them sporting the traditional Marvel disguise of hats and sunglasses. Calling the disguises pointless, saying that they “look like themselves at a baseball game,” Scott ridicules the frequently used articles, directly calling out the marvel trend in one of the greatest moments in the MCU

The Post-Credit Scenes

After saving Hope’s mom from the Quantum Realm and curing ghost, The mid-credit scene delivers the answers marvel fans were looking for following the snap in Infinity War. Hank, Hope, and Janet Van Dyne send Scott back into the quantum realm to find quantum energy to heal Ghost. however, right as Scott enters the realm, Janet, Hope, and Hank all fall victims to the snap, leaving Scott trapped in the quantum realm. How this factors into Avengers 4 is yet unknown.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Ant-Man And The Wasp is yet another fantastic entry in the MCU. With brilliant casting, fantastic and hilarious dialogue, and spectacular special effects, this movie, while not as high-stakes as the past few Marvel movies, and not nearly as high stakes as the next few, Ant-Man 2 was a refreshing break, and will go down as a solid 9.2/10.


  • Comedy - Good Jokes
  • Good Action Scenes
  • Wasp was Great


  • Villains aren't Villainy
  • Doesn't Directly Affect MCU
  • Soundtrack Didn't Stand Out


Characters - 10
Plot - 8
Action - 10
Special Effects - 10
Soundtrack - 7
Connection to MCU - 10
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