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Anthem News

No Single-Player Experience for Anthem

With Anthem getting closer to its release, gamers are having more and more questions about what to expect from it. One of them asked if the game would incorporate a proper matchmaking system or not and we got a response.

Can Your PC Run: Anthem?

With the first Anthem public demo approaching, EA Games and BioWare have officially announced the system requirements if you are planning to play the game on your PC and you can check them out below.

BioWare Talks About Upcoming Anthem Game

Arekkz was given an opportunity to speak with BioWare game director Jonathan Warner about endgame activities, progression, and the overall goal of the players character in Anthem. 

BioWare is Getting Something New: Anthem

EA unveiled Anthem during EA’s Play Conference this weekend. The game will promise a new world within the BioWare universe and a variety of other fun and exciting features.

BioWare Has a New Anthem Teaser

BioWare has teased yet another Anthem trailer, a few weeks before they’re expected to show more content during E3 2018.