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Back when Respawn Entertainment first started it was evident that they had made a solid name for themselves with Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Two of my favorite shooters to ever exist and I have put HOURS into both of them. I was waiting for something new from Respawn. However, I never expected them to do a Battle Royale game, let alone one set in the Titanfall universe without our friendly robot companions known as Titans.

Apex Legends is a game that seemingly came out of nowhere like an RKO from Randy Orton. It is extremely surprising and a new take on the Battle Royale Genre.


The gameplay in this game is nearly flawless. The game mechanics are smooth and the gunplay is top notch. Each round you select a Legend which is kind of like the heroes in Overwatch. Each one has unique abilities:

Wraith can hear voices when an enemy is close and use portals to help move the team to a more advantageous position. Gibraltar is like a walking fortress who utilizes shields and defensive bombardments. There is also a gas legend named Caustic who sets traps that you can use to block a team in a room and use gas to kill them.

After picking your Legend you then see twenty squads of three dropping into the map.
The map is called Kings Canyon is one of the best maps I have seen in a Battle Royale style game and from a graphical standpoint it is stunning. It has Multi-Tier levels, waterfalls, rivers, jungles, swamps, desert wastelands and more. Most of the loot can be found in bases and more rural like areas though.

Speaking of loot, there are many items and weapons you can find. One of them is the Spitfire which is an LMG type gun, another would be the PeaceKeeper which is a Shotgun. There are also sniper rifles, SMGs, pistols, and grenades. Other items include shields that the player can utilize when they are waiting for a teammate to recover, multi-tier armor, health, and shield regen items, and ultimate accelerants which allow you to gain 20% of your ultimate meter.

Apex Legends also brings two very unique features into the game that I have not seen in other Battle Royale like games.

One of them is the Ping feature which allows you to ping items, locations, enemies, and teammates. This is amazing when your random teammate does not have a mic to speak with. It also helps when needing to run away strategically.

The other is the Respawn feature which allows you to revive your teammate by bringing their banner to a beacon in specific locations on the map. Once the banner is dropped into the beacon, your teammate will drop back in from the dropship. The only downfall to this is that they would have to gear up all over again

Final Thoughts

For a game that was stealth released. As of right now, I can highly recommend Apex Legends for anyone looking for something different when it comes to Battle Royale style games. I played nearly all the Battle Royale games and this one is one I will for sure take seriously. I have only been messing with the game a few days and I know there will be more added to it in time. Once that happens I will be back to give a final verdict.

Since this is a review in progress, we don’t have an official score yet, but we’ll keep updating it until we finally get confident enough to have it scored.


  • Hero style legends
  • Weapon options
  • Overall gameplay
  • Kings Canyon as a whole!


  • Two Legends behind a paywall
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