Arrow: Fatal Legacies Review

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Titan Books has just released the new Arrow book titled, Fatal Legacies. In this new novel, author James R. Tuck fills the gap between The CW’s season 5 and 6 to show a very vengeful Oliver Queen. See our full review here, along with information on where to get it!

Without giving away too many spoilers for those of you who have yet to finish season 5, or begin season 6, we can say the book takes place after Lian Yu’s explosion at the end of season 5 and Team Arrow is trying to clean up the mess. There’s a big fallout, and the book revolves around a new copycat vigilante type showing up and making a bunch of waves.

Noting that this book is based on an on-going The CW series, we can say that James R. Tuck does a perfect job in putting the characters together as you would imagine on screen, and making them flow beautifully. The action scenes are spot on, and this book fully complements the Arrow series developed by Marc Guggenheim.

There’s a bit of tension between Oliver and Felicity since they’re both clearly attracted to one another, John has to face his new weakness, and Dinah finally accepts becoming the new Black Canary.

While you could easily watch Arrow on The CW from season 5 to season 6, this book gives you the chance to fill the gap between the seasons and see what is going on with Team Arrow and their enemies in the meantime. Definitely worth the read, and brings together the seasons beautifully.

We would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Arrow, wants to broaden their horizons, and see what goes on outside the original CW series.

You can purchase Arrow: Fatal Legacies directly from Titan Books here!


  • Perfect Tie-In with Season 5 & 6
  • Character Interaction
  • Action Scenes


  • Not Recommended If You Haven't Finished Season 5


Story - 9
Characters - 10
Connection to Series - 10
Action - 8
Character Interaction - 8.6
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