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Atomicrops is one of the more interesting games I’ve played as of late. Developed by Bird Bath Games and published by Raw Fury, it features some interesting gameplay. Atomicrops has some classic farming like in Stardew Valley, with some intense fights and RNG found in Enter the Gungeon. Between the mix of the two, this rogue-lite game has fully grasped my attention.

“Farm. Marry. Kill”


One thing I’ve realized when playing Atomicrops is that health is very important. Once you lose a heart or what I believe are radishes, it can drastically turn your run for the worse. Other than that, it’s like most rogue type games out there. The only catch is aside from fighting enemies and getting better stats, you now have to grow crops to get money and progress.


There are different types of crops available that you can buy, which can also sometimes be obtained from enemies. The most special plant to grow are roses, which can be traded to love interests that provide additional benefits, or for health. When growing your plants you have the option to fertilize them, using the meat that drops from enemies. It’s also important to use the long-range watering can that automatically waters (just remember to refill).

We have Borage who provides a thorn that orbited and damaged enemies, or Rue who gives additional health. To woo them, it takes many roses throughout the run. There is of course the option to outright buy one health for one rose.

Types of Crops
Types of Crops

Within Atomicrops, there are plenty of crops to choose from, including:

  • Aloe
  • Black Eyed Bean
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Chili
  • Coffee
  • Corn
  • Grapes
  • Onion
  • Pea
  • Potato
  • Pineapple
  • Prickly Pear
  • Rice
  • Tomato
  • Turnip

There are also fruit trees:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Date
  • Peach

*View the Atomicrops Wiki for more information!

Farming Animals

When farming there are also support animals that you can get through fighting enemies and unlocking them. Among them include:

  • Bees – doubling crop growth rate
  • Chicken – removes weeds and lays eggs
  • Cow – waters crops
  • Pig – Tills soil and occasionally expands the farm

Another essential aspect to farming is having tractors that give different benefits. There are Wacker Tractor, Sprinkler Tractor, and Wood Chipper Tractor.

  • Wacker Tracker – Cuts weeds, and drop a random seed
  • Sprinkler Tractor – Waters crops in an area
  • Wood Chipper Tractor – Turns enemies into fertilizer


The combat is a very specific part of this game. It’s very action-packed and always has something shooting at you or an enemy nearby. Around your crops you’ll find different enemies, but if you go further over bridges you get more deadly foes who have better loot. It’s all about time-management as there are waves of enemies that will show up and destroy your crops if you don’t protect them. But at the same time you want to get better loot such as cows, tractors, chickens, and turrets. They all end up helping you protect the farm from bigger and deadlier foes.


Atomicrops has a plentiful amount of weapons that appear in the game. When you start out you have a Pea Shooter as the basic weapon, and it can never break or be upgraded. RNG and making money is really they key to getting a new weapon for a day.

  • Pea Shooter – default gun, never breaks
  • Assault Rifle – standard rifle
  • Rusty SMG – spray and pray
  • Blunderbuss – close range shots deal 2x damage
  • Sniper Rifle – one shot kill
  • Shotgun – standard shotgun
  • Jackrabbit 12 – automatic shotgun
  • Flying Squirrel – chance to deal 3x damage and drop seed
  • Butcher’s Knife – chance to deal 2x damage and drop a fertilizer chunk

*Weapon descriptions came from Wiki, refer for more details

Controls & Mechanics

The controls for Atomicrops are currently under construction. You can’t make any adjustments to them just yet, but there is a menu that lets you see the built-in ones.

  • Move – WASD
  • Aim – Mouse
  • Shoot – Left Mouse
  • Farm – Right Mouse
  • Harvest – Mouse Wheel / ALT
  • Inventory – Q/E
  • Tractor – 1
  • Scroll – Shift
  • Fertilize – Space
  • Interact – F
  • Change Tractor – 2
  • Change Scroll X

As an early access game I completely understand why this aspect would be under construction. I will say as someone who would program many of the actions on my mouse buttons, it would heighten the gameplay a bit being able to do that. Hopefully throughout development this can be implemented, or have controller support!

Soundtrack & Sound Effects

The soundtrack for Atomicrops is amazing. I would listen to it on loop through YouTube or Spotify for background sound. When looking for it on YouTube to show, I only found some teasers and the making sound effects of Atomicrops by Joonas Turner. You can check both out below and see what you think!

Final Thoughts

When playing Atomicrops, I will admit I found it quite difficult. I’m not accustomed to games that are brutal with unforgiving deaths, and make you restart from the beginning. My only previous experience in this genre was Enter the Gungeon, and I found that difficult as well. Though I do say, I find the game extremely fun to play. I might not be the best at it, and if they add modes later on for saving data and being able to progress easier, I would play this game so much more.

I did utilize the Wiki quite frequently when playing it to understand exactly how crops, guns, and upgrades work. There are a lot of smaller aspects to Atomicrops that make the game really enjoyable, and I can say I’ll be revisiting it quite frequently through development.

Atomicrops is available on PC through the Epic Store for $14.99. Later in 2020 Atomicrops will be expanding to consoles including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One!


  • Great Soundtrack & Effects
  • Lovely Graphics
  • Exciting and Enticing Gameplay
  • Perfect Mix of Farming and Fighting
  • Replayability is Extremely High


  • Unforgiving Deaths
  • Controls are Under Construction (Early Access, will change)


Story - 6
Characters - 5
Soundtrack & Effects - 10
Game Mechanics - 8.6
Controls - 8.4
Replayability - 10
Value - 10
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