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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Comes to Life

Guillermo del Toro and Nightmares If I ever wanted someone to make my nightmares real, Guillermo del Toro is my first, eighth, and only choice. On August 9, 2019, del Toro will torture us with a film adaptation of “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, be prepared. 



Acts of Desperation Review

An unhurried, unique, and unpredictable dark comedy after the build up to the ultimate collision of seemingly unrelated lives. There’s the desperate cop, his beautiful but desperate wife, and a desperately shrewd bank robber. We also have a desperately obsessed, suicidal woman and two desperately unhinged street criminals. Time begins to run out as their worlds all meet in frantic and bumbling sit...[Read More]

Lock Your Doors, “Annabelle Comes Home” June 28

Make sure your doors are sealed on June 28, 2019. Have your salt, crucifixes, chalk, and holy water ready, too. Why?

A WIZARD OF OZ FOR PERVERTS: How Ari Aster Describes His Latest Film, Midsommar

Ari Aster. You know his name because of Hereditary. And based on his own words, you think you know what to expect in his latest work of brilliance. Unfortunately, if you believe this, then you’re a step too far into delusional. And if you’re assuming the trailer will clarify these strange arrangement of words, I’ll wait.  Go ahead and watch it here:



Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel isn’t here to show up the boys. Her focus isn’t to pave the way for the next generation of females. She just happens to be that badass, sending these messages without trying. And as Marvel’s first film with a solo female superhero, Carol Danvers is inspiring but relatable as she becomes Captain Marvel. Beating the odds stacked against her, Captain Marvel takes on h...[Read More]



How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Review

How to Train Your Dragon first took hold of our hearts nearly ten years ago. We’ve watched Hiccup and Toothless grow as a team, and even more, become family. In this third installment, their bond is put to the ultimate test when the worlds of humans and dragons dangerously collide. Story Following the defeat of Drago, Hiccup has taken on his role of Chief in a way that would surely make his ...[Read More]

Avengers: Endgame IMAX Trailer – Should You Listen to the Hype?

Avengers: Endgame is a stressful enough event to prepare for after the betrayal that was Infinity War. Well, things just got worse with the release of the IMAX trailer. We now have to use precious brain cells to make one of the most important decisions we’ll ever be asked to make.



Lifechanger Review

Lifechanger follows a murderous shapeshifter who sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves. Summary Despite constant frustration from start to finish, Lifechanger delivers in the thriller/horror genre. The movie follows Drew, a shapeshifter with the complex issue of being a serial killer out of necessity. Needing a new body to inhabit almost every day, Drew is...[Read More]



Harley Quinn: Mad Love Review

When she was only seven years old, Harleen Quinzel witnessed her father being beaten up by thugs, and then arrested by the police. That night she ran away to the safest place she could think of: Coney Island amusement park. But there, pursued into the Funhouse by the men who brutalized her father, she beheld unimaginable horrors.



Souls of Totality Review

Souls of Totality brilliantly captures the intensity of a looming moment that can change everything. A story of its own, this stunning film portrays the sacrifices we make for love. There is a universal struggle we all face when doubt eclipses our beliefs, leaving darkness and silence. “Souls” is a beautiful and haunting reminder that the universe is always talking, igniting words we a...[Read More]



Souls of Totality

Set during the Great American Eclipse, this is a story about the sacrifices we make for love and the intensity of a looming moment that can change everything.



Mermaid’s Song Review

Mermaid’s Song, despite its whimsy name, is a dark spin on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. A rewind of the beloved Disney classic, a young girl discovers she’s got mermaid in her blood and a voice with a secret talent. “Her story begins where the fairy tail ends.” Story Set during the 1930s depression and tells of young Charlotte, who is struggling to keep the family business afloat....[Read More]