Kimberly Applegate

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date and More Revealed

The creators of the Witcher 3 are at it again with Cyberpunk 2077. E3 2018 is where the game was announced with a cinematic trailer and showed game play behind closed doors. Projekt Red has finally released more information about the game, including a likely release date.

Monster Hunter: World is Coming to PC

Monster Hunter: World is coming to PC. Capcom has announced the release date will be August 9th, 2018. Get ready to hunt some monsters!

A Black Panther Versus Deadpool Series is Coming

Marvel has announced that a new rivalry is coming. Black Panther Vs. Deadpool is a new comic book series coming soon. The King of Wakanda is going against the Merc with a Mouth.

Pokémon Go Style Harry Potter Game May be Delayed

Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, announced in November of last year that a new game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would be released sometime in 2018. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case.

A New Firefly Comic Book Series is Coming!

Brownouts get ready to take to the skies again! Boom! Studios now has the rights to create and publish comic books based on the one-season wonder that is Firefly.

New Trailer for Wellington Paranormal, the Spinoff Series of What We Do in the Shadows

Fans of What We Do in the Shadows rejoice! The trailer has been released for a spin-off series following two of the characters from What We Do in the Shadows. The new series will be called Wellington Paranormal.

Everything Leaked for the Upcoming Fortnite Patch Update

Skins, Emotes and Gliders have been leaked for Fortnite’s latest patch update. Nine new outfits, four new tools, three gliders, five items of back bling and five emotes have been unveiled.

Introducing Wrecking Ball – Developer Update [Overwatch]

Blizzard is rolling out (pun intended) more and more about everyone’s favorite hamster right now! The developers of Overwatch have released a video detailing more information about Hammond the “Wrecking Ball” Hamster.

Overwatch’s New Hero is…A Hamster?

A few days ago, Blizzard released a teaser trailer for a new hero for the game Overwatch. The video featured only a round ball rolling through the streets. Well, now the hero has officially arrived in all of his cute, chubby cheeked glory.

A New Trailer for The Predator has Arrived

20th Century Fox has revealed a brand new trailer for The Predator! Shane Black is bringing back the Predator series and is pulling all the punches for it!

Overwatch is Getting an Interesting New Hero

Blizzard released a short teaser about the next hero joining the Overwatch team. The trailer has fans speculating a few different theories!

Telltale is Ditching the Old Engine

Out with the old and in with the new! Telltale Games is replacing the outdated engine software in favor of something newer. After numerous episodes, series and games it is time to put their old software to rest.