Raven Boudreaux

PR Manager for geekisphere.

Generation Zero Review

Avalanche Publishing decided to take us back to the 80s but with a catch it being an alternate timeline where robots ravage the world. It’s up to you and 3 friends to save it. The concept sounds absolutely delightful. Once the game launched it had a hell of a bumpy start. The game was welcomed with mixed reviews from both critics and fans. Avalanche responded positively by communicating with the c...[Read More]



Layers of Fear 2 Review

Bloober Team and Gun Media have just released the next chapter in their creepy psychological game series: Layers of Fear 2. Promising a more disturbing and maddening experience; thus arousing the attention of horror fans around the world eager to find out if the game is comparable to its predecessor. Does it hold up to the high expectations of the first one? Is it worth the asking price of $29.99?...[Read More]



A Plague Tale: Innocence Review

After spending months teasing their next game Asobo Studios has finally released the highly anticipated A Plague Tale: Innocence.  A story driven single player game built on tension, stealth and swarms of ravenous red-eyed rats.  Can it live up to the hype and is worth picking up? Read on to find out! System Requirements Played on: Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKwTUEbcti0 1349. The plague...[Read More]



Override: Mech City Brawl Review

Override: Mech City Brawl is a 4 player beat’em up mech fighter. This game brings an an updated throw back sensation to some of the best mech fighters from the early 2000s such as Gundam games for PlayStation. The developers at The Balance Inc put their own spin on the game to make it stand out to both older mech fighting games and current generation fighting games. It has been on the market...[Read More]



Frostpunk Review

It has been a few months since 11 bit studios’ juggernaut of a city building/survival game has been out. It was met with mostly warm responses with people praising the throwback to the golden age of city building games (such as: Caesar III, Tropico, Settler 2, Anno1404) while also adding something new. At the time of launch what made people hesitant on dropping money was how short the game was. At...[Read More]



Jagged Alliance: Rage! Review

It has been a few years since we have gotten a new addition to the Jagged Alliance series. This particular new addition plans to breathe new life into the franchise to try to reignite the flame that so many fans had with Jagged Alliance 2 while also adapting to what works now. As of writing this review the status for steam seems to average at around mostly negative for this game. Are those reviews...[Read More]



Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Review

I’m going to start with review a little differently then the previous ones by stating that I’ve encountered so many issues with getting the game started and set for a review for day one release (December 4, 2018) because of the incompetence of the developers I missed that day. The way this was handled by the developers was just plain bad. I wasn’t the only one who had a Press key that was having t...[Read More]



HellSign Review

Ballistic Interactive’s highly anticipated supernatural investigation RPG HellSign has finally clawed its way to PC. Where you are a Hunter, the last line of defense between our world and the savage creatures that lurk just outside. By investigating the world around you and reading the evidence you’ll learn more about what you’re hunting and how to kill it.  Offering players a unique experie...[Read More]



Call of Cthulhu Review

The developers Cyanide have brought us a re-imaging of the classic tabletop game Call of Cthulhu just in time for Halloween. Promising a deeply immersive narrative experience to bring to life the core elements of the popular tabletop. The question is were they successful in adapting the game? Scroll down to find out.



Vampyr Review

Vampyr has been out for a few months and the hype around it has died down regardless if you’re a PC player or console player. Did the game live up to its hype and is it worth looking into now? The market is full of games in all sorts of genres getting massive hype before launch but then it fades away slowly since the media is focusing on the “next” best game to come out. Sure som...[Read More]



The Council Review

The Council Episode 1 & 2 Review [No Spoilers] New developer Big Bad Wolf have created what will become a benchmark in story driven episodic genre for games. They have created a game that goes beyond the standard set by others such as A Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, and so on. They offer a unique take on characters taken from history spun in a complex multi-layered thriller set in the late 1...[Read More]



Murderous Pursuits Review

Blazing Griffin, the masterminds behind the cult classic The Ship have brought us a rather devious treat called Murderous Pursuits. Murderous Pursuits follows in the footsteps of their previous game The Ship in the stealth multiplayer genre. It brings a lot of flavor and over the top fun to the genre but does it have enough flavor to re-spark the dying genre? Scroll down to find out.

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