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‘Spider-Man: Maximum Venom’ Animated Show Announced

Disney is hoping to feature the two web-slingers in the next season of Spider-Man on Disney XD in order to capitalize on their recent films.

Pokémon Press Conference 2019 Re-Cap

Yesterday, the Pokémon Company in Japan hosted a press conference. They featured details of upcoming apps and we’re here to break them down for you.

Crash Team Racing Adventure Mode Details Released

When Crash Bandicoot got a remake back in 2017 fans were hoping that we would see a remake of the beloved Crash racing game. At E3 last year, gamers got their wish! Now, details have been released about the adventure mode featured in the upcoming Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled title!



Cargo Review

When people think of the Bahamas what probably first comes to mind are the serene beaches and the feeling of being in paradise. Beneath the beautiful exterior is a dark oppressive life for those who have come to the islands for refuge. That is the premise of Best Ever Film’s Cargo, a dramatic story based on true events that occurred in the Bahamas.

New Game Freak IP ‘Town’ Game-play Screenshot

Pokémon developer Game Freak has released a new screenshot of their new IP, Town.



Marilyn Review

Being a teenager is difficult, especially when you’re so different from what your family expects you to be. This is even more true for LGBT youth who struggle to who they are and where they belong in this world. Marilyn is an Argentinian LGBT coming-of-age story that is anything but typical. Instead, it is a raw and tragic look at what becomes of someone who is broken past the point of no re...[Read More]

Bend Reality to your Advantage in Unbound: Worlds Apart

Just one more month remains for the Kickstarter of Unbound: Worlds Apart. It’s an indie platformer game being developed by Alien Pixel Studios.

A New Mobile Pokémon Game In The Works

Fans who want to “catch them all” have something new to look forward to. A new Pokémon mobile game has been announced by The Pokémon Company!

Playstation ‘State of Play’ May 2019

Sony released another entry of their “State of Play” news stream and announced a few new titles headed to PS4 in the near future.



Batman: The Court of Owls Review

Batman is one of the most iconic DC superheroes to date. What draws fans to him are his high intelligence, formidable fighting skills, and the fact that he’s a regular guy in a suit choosing to fight alongside gods and meta-humans. However, another huge draw for fans is Batman’s rogue gallery, a list of villains who are complex, horrifying, and just downright cool. Some are more famous...[Read More]



Division 19 Review

Imagine living in a time where the government knows your every move and anonymity is nearly non-existent. That is the premise of the Sci-Fi thriller Division 19. It’s a scary thought but not one that is far from reality. The creators of the film set out to explore a very real problem where the government collects data on its citizens and people willingly display their daily lives for others ...[Read More]

Everything We Know About Stadia

Internet giant Google announced today that they are entering the gaming arena with their own streaming service named Stadia.