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The Onania Club Teaser Trailer is here!

Continuing from the previous article We finally are given the teaser trailer for Tom Six’s The Onania Club. And needless to say its very interesting!

Weighting in on the issues of Mental Illness and Violent Media

Violence in video games is nothing new, in fact it’s become the norm when it comes down to most of the games we play. In 2018 we have come to an age where school shootings are exposing the violent nature of human beings. But as we struggle to figure out why this has happened many of our politicians have reached out to the low hanging of fruit of violent video games being one of the main causes of ...[Read More]

Crescent Esports: A look into the Gamer Group

Its a good day when you can interview the CEO of an Esports group. I was able to speak with Lumen Vera, CEO of Crescent Esports LLC, discussing the growing success of his group and the passion behind the groups’ gamers. What does your company promote? Crescent Esports is a national e-sports organizations based out of Louisiana, our mission is to enrich the e-sports industry with the spice of...[Read More]

Watch: Slender Man Official Trailer

The official Slender Man movie has gotten a trailer, and it looks creepier than ever! Watch it for yourself here.



Let Me In Review

Watching your parents getting a divorce is hard, being bullied on top of it makes it worse. But we all have that one friend, though strange and odd, can make a difference in our lives. This is the premise of Let Me In. Spoilers Ahead Let Me In, is an older film that is currently on Netflix. Not knowing what to expect I decided to take a look as I had never heard of it before. This is a remake to t...[Read More]

Watch: The Nun Teaser Trailer

Watch the new teaser trail for The Nun, as the movie is set to release in November 2018! What do you think about this one?

Official Production of IT Chapter 2 Begins

Production has officially begun for the second chapter of IT, where we will see the evil returning to Derry, ME.

Child’s Play TV Series Announced

Creator of the cult classic Child’s Play, Don Mancini, has recently announced that his creation will be played out as a TV Series. Alongside of the list of movies that he has discussed.



Desolation Review

A pleasant hiking trip is relaxing to some; however many of us don’t suspect that there will be a serial killer hiding in the woods. This is the premise of Desolation. Spoilers Ahead Desolation is a film surrounding a party of three that have gone out for a hiking trip. Two of these three people consists of our two protagonists being a mother and son. Abby had recently lost her husband leavi...[Read More]



Agony Review

Before jumping to more in depth information let me provide you with some background surrounding the game as well as what to expect when playing the game. Game Mechanics/Gameplay This game has been formatted for Multi-Platform services, this including; PC, XBOX One, and Playstation 4. My platform for playing this is my PC so please keep that in mind while reading. My play method is using my XBOX On...[Read More]



The Open House Review

An Open House is a common practice in real estate, but no one really expects there to be a killer lurking in the shadows of the home. Spoilers Ahead There are certain types of story lines that are continuously used in cinema. However most originality is almost always based on an idea from the past. The Open House is no exception. The Open House follows the story of Naomi and Logan after the loss o...[Read More]

Gears of War 5 Rumor Confirmed

A continuation from Three New Gears of War Games Being Announced at E3?It does seem like it as we are getting Gears of War 5 also dubbed Gears 5.