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Project Wight: The Horror Viking Game may be announced at E3

Ex Battlefield Developer David Goldfarb along with the indie development studio The Outsiders have developed a new RPG game called Project Wight.

George Romero Memorial Bust: Monroeville or Bust Campaign

George A. Romero, the great American-Canadian film maker who brought us Night of the Living Dead, left behind a great legacy, one that has made an impact on fans and other film makers alike. He left such an impact that a sculptor is now wanting to construct a bust of the director to have placed in the Pennsylvania’s Monroeville Mall, this is the mall where he filmed his 1978 classic Dawn of the De...[Read More]

New Multi-platform Horror Game to be Released: Crying is Not Enough

Crying is Not Enough will soon be making it’s mark on the Playstation 4, XBox One, and Steam as it gives us our first look into the game with its new trailer.



Jurassic World: The Game Review

Within the realm of smart phones we are now able to travel to the amazing world that is Jurassic Park thanks to the new Jurassic World: The Game.

Watch: World War Z Cinematic Trailer

IGN had teased the release of World War Z in December 2017, and now we have our first look into the game thanks to Saber Interactive

Tom Six Introduces The Onania Club

The creator of the controversial and shocking trilogy the Human Centipede has released a new poster and some information about his new up coming film. The Onania Club has been making head ways as everyone is now curious as to how much more disturbing his films can get.



Cargo Review

Cargo originated as a short film that was developed in 2013. The original creators worked on the high end protection due to the positive reactions to the short film. The full length film came out in 2017, but the American release was brought to Netflix this year.



Prime Mover Review

First look into the game Prime Mover: Prime Mover is a 4Bit open-ended puzzle game that uses only the mouse of your computer to play the game, the player can design circuit boards, build, test and improve. “In this open-ended puzzle game, you build circuit boards to solve a wide variety of logic and computer science inspired problems. Compare the speed and efficiency of your unique solutions...[Read More]



Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell Review

Spoilers Ahead! When I first saw that this was a movie in the making I just about jumped out of my seat, considering Burt Gummer was gonna be back in action! I started watching the Tremors series when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I followed the movies and the short-lived TV series they had on the Sci Fi channel. So needless to say I had high hopes for this film. “Did ya miss me?” / &#...[Read More]



Nails Review

Nails: The Irish Angel of Death Nails puts a few phobias out in the open for audience to see, in some cases its highly effective!

Kingdom Hearts III’s Release Update

Kingdom Heart fans rejoice! After years of fans begging and yearning for the next installment, Square Enix is noting that the game should be hitting the shelves for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year!