Daniel Jones

Apex Legends Review

Back when Respawn Entertainment first started it was evident that they had made a solid name for themselves with Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Two of my favorite shooters to ever exist and I have put HOURS into both of them. I was waiting for something new from Respawn. However, I never expected them to do a Battle Royale game, let alone one set in the Titanfall universe without our friendly robot co...[Read More]



Book of Demons Review

Back in the golden days of PC gaming, there was a game known as Diablo that won the hearts of many. There were also other games like it such as Baldurs Gate, Torchlight, and Victor Vran. Enter Book of Demons. Book of Demons is a Hack-and-slash dungeon crawler with a Paper Mario like aesthetic which has you hack through or just blow everything to smithereens as you make your way through dungeons, c...[Read More]



Tetris Effect Review

Over many years since I was a child with my NES and Gameboy, Tetris has always been a game that helped me focus and relax. As time went on these games became more advanced and we have begun to see Tetris evolve into many different things like Tetris Plus, Tetris Sphere, and Tetris Evolution. Many have thought what else can Tetris do to bring their audience of gamers back to the fun puzzle challeng...[Read More]

FireTV Cube Review

Lately I have been trying out all kinds of tech ranging from keyboards, minicomputers, and streaming devices. I have also dabbled in trying some smart home devices. However, the Amazon FireTV Cube is one device that is small yet insanely powerful for its size.



Monster Hunter: World Review

Back in 2004, Capcom released a game where you are a lone hunter traveling lands to hunt monsters and fish. That game was known as Monster Hunter. The Monster Hunter series has been one of Capcom’s bread and butter franchises for 14 years. Since 2004, Monster Hunter has primarily been on handheld devices, like PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Nintendo 3DS. However, Monster Hunter World brings the se...[Read More]