Avengers: Infinity War Review

Finally the night in which I was going to watch the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrived. I did everything I could in order to avoid any early reviews, any reactions, anything that had to do with the movie. I did everything humanly possible to go in with a clear mind and without any sort of bias.

Knowing the amount of characters that were going to appear in this movie, I thought it would be just too crammed to even be able to enjoy any of them, or that the story would be a huge mess. Boy was I mistaken!

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet, without throwing too many details about the story or spoilers. Whenever some major spoiler appears, I’ll certainly hide it and let you decide on whether or not to check it out.

We start with Thanos having the one of the Infinity Stones in his gauntlet. In order to get the second one, he needs to go through the Asgardians. Thor and Loki are in their spacecraft while Thanos is killing everyone. He puts a moral dilemma on Loki, who has to decide between his brother and the Universe.

At first, Loki simply tells Thanos to kill his brother; however, he was trying to deceive Thanos to try to kill him while he was not almighty; however, his plan failed, becoming the very first lethal victim of Thanos during this movie.

Avengers: Infinity War brings together the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, including characters from Earth and beyond. After the fallout of Civil War we’re faced with a broken Avengers team who are still considered criminals, and it’s clear in Civil War that Tony Stark doesn’t want to call Captain America, leaving the task of calling him to Banner.

We go back to Earth, where Bruce Banner first meets Doctor Strange and, of course, things get heated outside of the building right away, as an alien doughnut-shaped spacecraft appears nearby. This is when we get to see Iron Man’s new suit, which is rather awesome as it is using nanotech that will simply activate and create the suit around his body.

One thing leads to another and, of course, now we are on a different place in the Universe, and yes, I mean, with the Guardians of the Galaxy. In here we have all the fun of the world. Quill is just amazingly funny, and interacting with Thor makes it all better, not to mention, Drax. Believe me, I hadn’t laughed and enjoyed a segment more than this one in any movie.

One thing to keep in mind is that Avengers: Infinity War takes place in at least three different places at all time. We have some of the Avengers on Earth, trying to keep both of the Infinity Stones safe, while the rest of the Avengers are trying to stop Thanos alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, while Thanos is seeking for the Infinity Stones.

I don’t know how they could juggle all of the characters with all of the parallel stories to not be confusing, while giving some of the spotlight to each one of the characters, but they did it, perfectly. Of course, if you have not watched some of the movies that came out after Avengers: Civil War you might miss some details, but you know, the trick is to just go home and look for those movies to fill in the blanks.

Spoiler-y discussion

Please be aware, opening the spoiler tags will most likely ruin your experience if you have not watched the movie. Open them at your own risk.

Bruce Banner & The Hulk
As soon as The Hulk is sent back to Earth and turns back into Bruce Banner, we get to see him a couple of times, but at the best Groot style, talking just the bare minimum, a concise “No”.

Basically, The Hulk is refusing to come out, and doesn’t appear in the entire movie, not even when Bruce really needs him, and therefore, forcing Bruce to wear the Hulkbuster suit when having to get into a fight. This might be due to what happens in Thor: Ragnarok where Hulk was in charge for such a long time, and now he doesn’t want to participate. It could also have to do with him being easily defeated by Thanos at the beginning of the movie.

It is refreshing to see Bruce having to deal with being just a human as he doesn’t have the help of Hulk. We’ll have to wait and see when Hulk will decide to come back.

Star Lord and why everybody hates him

Alright, this is something we need to talk about. At one point in the movie, we had Star Lord, Drax, Iron Man, Spider Man, Doctor Strange and even Mantis fighting against Thanos in order to take away the Infinity Gauntlet; however, Peter got emotional, and when the gauntlet was almost coming off, he messed it up by waking Thanos up from the trance he was in. This is why absolutely everyone blame him for what happens at the end of the movie.

Now, let’s go back to being human, shall we? Everybody is blaming Star Lord for getting emotional and not following the plan. Now, repeat that slowly and let it sink in. Got it?

Thanos took Gamora away, and not only that, but he sacrificed her in order to get one of the Infinity Stones. Quill loved Gamora, and he got emotional. Can you really blame him for that? At the same time…yeah, if he hadn’t exploded at that moment, everything would be quite different.


Alright, this is a rather important aspect of the entire movie. Thanos is the main villain, but even though his thought process is rather twisted, he is really believing he is doing good, and he thinks he is the only one willing to do what it takes in order to “save the Universe”.

I know, this is twisted, but this is what makes Thanos such a great character, and villain.

Alright so, you know how we get weak villains everywhere, with them being “bad” just because of greed, or vengeance? Thanos isn’t one of those villains. This one character is more layered, more complex; he believes he has to do what he is doing in order to keep balance in the Universe and avoid species from perishing. See, this isn’t your usual villain, is it?

The idea Thanos has is quite basic: resources are finite, and therefore, if you don’t control populations, they will not hold on enough and will eventually end up killing species due to the lack of them. The solution? You have to kill half of the population of the entire Universe in order to save resources.

I mean, on the one hand, he does have half of it right; on the other hand, there are too many other alternatives (mostly, having all of the Infinity Stones) that do not require a massive genocide.

This doesn’t mean Thanos is a bad guy, he is doing what he believes is best for the entire Universe, and he is willing to take responsibility for what happens next. Even, he goes as far as saying that, to make things fair, those living creatures that live and die are completely random, he won’t cherry-pick them, allowing the existence of good and evil “equally” after the massacre.

Why is he portraying an evil character? Well, because with the power he wields, he could easily change the fact that resources are finite, and make them last forever.

When I say this is a layered character, there’s one really important piece of story that hits my mind: he does feel love. Love is basically the purest feeling that exists, and therefore, villains do not feel love. We get to see the moment when Thanos adopted Gamora as his daughter, and we get to see how much he loves her, and the sacrifice he is willing to make in order to “save the Universe from extinction”, as he had to sacrifice that who he loved in order to get an Infinity Stone, and he even cries in front of Red Skull (who was trapped into the Tesseract and ended up on the planet of the Soul Stone, guarding it) as he mourned the death of his daughter.

I can’t think of a better character, overall, from any other movie, TV series, or anything, than this version of Thanos.

Interesting Details

There are quite a few interesting details to consider in this movie, and I won’t go too deep into them, but they are totally worth mentioning.

Ever since Civil War, Captain America and Iron Man are not talking to each other. During Avengers: Infinity War they never have to interact with each other. This might become an interesting -or super awkward- reunion for the next movie given how both of them will certainly be there.

Peter Dinklage was the gigantic dwarf on the star that made the Stormbringer (also made out of Groot’s arm for the handle). Good cameo and is is rather interesting how Thor wasn’t killed from the star’s power. Although, he is a god after all, right?

Tony and Pepper are engaged. She accepted his ring at the end of Spider Man Homecoming (its shown in Infinity War), and when Peter vanishes he goes to Tony, his father figure, and this puts a weight on Tony that he’s already had. What happens if something happened to Peter? Well now it did. Also, Tony references having Thanos in his mind since New York in 2012 for “six years” and this is why he’s so damn sure he needs to get rid of him. This could mean that Tony is being reckless and even called getting on the ship to save Strange a “one way”. He’s putting everything else below this war with Thanos, including his to-be wife.

Black Panther refers to Winter Soldier as the White Wolf. This is a comic book reference. In the comics the white wolf is T’Challa’s (Black Panther’s) adopted brother.

In the post-credits scene we get to see how Nick Fury is calling Captain Marvel. This is huge; however, something that might be even more important than that is the fact that Fury tells Maria Hill to “get a hold of the headquarters”. You know, there is no S.H.I.E.L.D. so, what headquarters is Nick Fury referring to?


Avengers: Infinity War gets to a rather interesting ending. Just before the final battle takes place, Doctor Strange goes in to check every possibility of what is going to happen, and he explains to Tony that he saw over 14 million possibilities, and only in one of them the Avengers win.

Later on, Thanos is able to kill Vision in order to get the last of the Infinity Stones, after having to go against the likes of Captain America, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner wearing the Hulkbuster suit.

Sadly, Thanos is able to complete his mission, and he activates the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet and erases half of the Universe’s population. We get to see a rather sad good bye by Peter Parker as he explains that he doesn’t want to die and hugs Tony Stark. At the same time, Doctor Strange just says that this needed to happen, possibly hinting at the fact that they are in the right direction to defeat Thanos.

We get to see a lot of our favorite characters vanish in the air, not knowing what will be coming next. Let’s see some of the characters that vanished, and which we see remained.

Groot, Buckey, Falcon, Star Lord and the Guardians (minus Raccoon and Nebula), Black Panther, Peter Parker, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Nick Fury, Maria Hill
Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, War Machine, Rocket Raccoon, Okoye and M’Baku, Shuri, Hawkeye, Scott Lang, Wong
Nebula, Pepper Potts, The Valkyrie, The Collector, Ned (Peter’s friend), Captain Marvel
Gamora, Vision, Heimdall, Loki

Final Verdict

I read a few comments online, coming from some friends of mine and some friends-of-friends, and they are right when they mention that, after Avengers: Infinity War there are “only” two movies: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Infinity War.

I didn’t go into the theater with high hopes. There were too many characters, what seemed to be a rushed “final”, there wasn’t enough time to tell the story. Marvel was able to shut my mouth closed (and at times, open) by bringing this masterpiece. There are laughs, there’s drama, there’s crying. Everything you’d expect is here, and it goes beyond what anyone would’ve thought.

What the main issue is? Marvel has set the bar way too high now, and I do not believe anyone, other than Marvel itself, will be able to equal it in the future.


  • Balanced hero spotlight
  • Perfect coordination between stories
  • Hilarious interactions with the Guardians
  • Believable acting
  • Interaction between Strange and Iron Man
  • Amazing action scenes
  • Tips about what is going on
  • Labelled Locations


  • We have to wait a while to see what's next


Story - 10
Characters - 10
Soundtrack - 10
Cinematography - 10
Marvel Cinematic Universe Continuity - 10
Drama - 10
Action - 10
Comedy - 10
Geek, writer, musician. John is a horror addict, DC Comics fan (Marvel too, though) and a single-player games enthusiast. You can normally find him watching horror movies or playing games on PC, unless he is writing, in which case, you won't see him around.
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