Cinepocalypse 2018: Bill Murray Stories

Unless you live under a rock, you are probably familiar with actor and comedian Bill Murray. But have you heard of the random sightings the 30-year television\movie veteran has been part of? There are tons of them. Tommy Avallone, director, editor, and narrator of the movie The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From a Mystical Man delves into many of these modern-day urban legends. Avallone admits that his search isn’t really to meet Bill Murray, but to learn more about these occurrences. Did he really do all these crazy stunts that people keep telling about? If so, why is he doing it?

Avallone interviews many of those fortunate few that had a random interaction with Bill. From doing someone’s dishes, being part of a couple’s engagement photos, to crashing someone’s party and playing tambourine with the band, Bill’s interactions are priceless. He just wants to hang out with the normal folks. He often is very down to earth, joyful, and spontaneous, just as you’d expect from his televised antics. His mischievous stunts have even included coming up behind random people, covering their eyes, and saying “No one will ever believe you.”

There’s even a closer look at Murray’s film repertoire. Without even realizing it, Murray inserts a bit of enlightenment in his movies. The overall theme is that “It just doesn’t matter.” His random stunts enforce his theme. Each story reflects a man who is enjoying the moment, being mindful and being aware. Spontaneity is obviously his way of being fully engaged in our lives. He’s essentially teaching us to not be living life on autopilot but live in the moment.

Showing at Cinepocalypse 2018 this documentary is really about each story of Bill Murray connecting on a very human level with a few lucky people. The simple lesson is to do what makes you happy. And he certainly makes us all very happy. If you don’t like him before, this documentary will have you loving him.


  • The opening sets the tone well
  • Scene recreations are humorous
  • Interviews and phone footagepictures blend well for cohesive story
  • Ties all “urban legends” together while telling a great story
  • Leaves the audience wanting more


  • The director/narrator never met Murray
  • No resolution to Murray’s motives


Story - 10
Interviews - 10
Soundtrack - 10
Cinematography - 10
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