Cargo Review

Cargo originated as a short film that was developed in 2013. The original creators worked on the high end protection due to the positive reactions to the short film. The full length film came out in 2017, but the American release was brought to Netflix this year.

Spoilers Ahead!

If you want to check out the short film from 2013, we have it provided below, but it gives a lot of spoilers to the movie and the review.

Cargo Short Film 2013

In the beginning of the film we are introduced to the small family of three. Andy and Kay and their baby girl Rosie. They are seen traveling down river discussing how they are going to find more food and how they are going to retrieve it safely. Not too far away they see a damaged sailboat that is leaning on its side, but not far enough where you couldn’t get in.

Andy gets into the sailboat and starts rummaging through supplies. As he grabs the necessities he needs he begins to hear noises and quickly vacates. His wife, curious to see if he found a razor as she prefers her husband clean-shaven, got to have your priorities in a plague ridden world. He takes it as a joke and goes to see their daughter. Kay decides to explore the boat and unfortunately for Kay, she discovers what was making the rustling noises and returns to her husband with a bite wound on her leg.

Andy quickly bandages the wound due to the fact that blood loss can make the infection spread quicker.

Kay is reluctant to go to the hospital as she would rather be away from her husband and child so they do not have to witness nor become potential victims because of her infection. But her husband forces her to stay with them as he wants to try to save her. The family gets into a car accident, and Andy is knocked unconscious. When he awakes Kay has officially turned and Andy has to save their child from getting hurt. Due to this, Andy is bitten by Kay. Now Andy has only forty-eight hours until he turns, and during these forty-eight hours he is going to try to find a family for his daughter.

Cargo is different from many zombie films in terms of story line and how long it takes the virus to develop in the body. The body, has forty-eight hours before completely succumbing to the virus. The film itself takes place in Australia where there are very few people who don’t have the virus. It’s definitely an emotional film but I wouldn’t exactly classify it as a horror movie. The film itself does not try to be scary. Along with the horror genre it was classified as a drama, which I can see. Instead of horror, it could loosely be tied to the thriller genre.

Overall it’s a decent movie that I wouldn’t mind watching for a second time because of how the film was developed and how well the story was written.

You can watch Cargo on Netflix now!


  • Story line is well-developed
  • Actors chosen are very good at emoting and make you feel empathy.
  • It will keep you wondering what you would have done in the main character’s position.


  • Certain scenes or characters could have been developed more.
  • Should be considered more of a thriller than horror.
  • Could have used a bit more aggressive zombies.


Acting - 9
Effects - 9
Soundtrack - 8
Cinematography - 9
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