80s & 90s Kid’s Shows: Bring Them Back!

Kids of the 80s and 90s had it made when it came to cartoons, trends, cereals, snacks, music, and most importantly, tv shows. We had the coolest game shows that we all truly believed we’d be contestants on one day, and swore on the last bowl of Waffle Crisp that WE would be the one to beat every last obstacle. And more than likely, a disturbing amount of adults in their 30s and 40s are still...[Read More]

Freewise Personal USB Rechargeable Fan [Product Review]

This week, one of our new product reviews is this Freewise portable USB rechargeable fan that gives you a long-lasting cool sensation off of one charge! Use the fan on the go mobile, or keep it on the stand for stationary use.

Weighting in on the issues of Mental Illness and Violent Media

Violence in video games is nothing new, in fact it’s become the norm when it comes down to most of the games we play. In 2018 we have come to an age where school shootings are exposing the violent nature of human beings. But as we struggle to figure out why this has happened many of our politicians have reached out to the low hanging of fruit of violent video games being one of the main causes of ...[Read More]

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