Day of the Dead: Bloodline Review

Day of the Dead Bloodline: The Virus Continues

The virus has returned and the flesh-eating has commenced. Is this next chapter in the line of zombie films up to par?

Spoilers Ahead!

Bloodline is the re-imaging of the popular 1985 film Day of the Dead which was written and directed by George A. Romero. Romero has made a huge impact on the horror genre and has inspired others with his tales of the undead. Bloodline is no exception to this. The new movie takes the same premise as the original 1985 film, only in this film we get the chance to see where the virus had supposedly started.

The film starts off by showing us a scene of chaos mixed with blood shed. Our protagonist, Zoe, is seen running through the streets with her shirt ripped open. Four hours prior, Zoe is in a lab examining a corpse with classmates. Our protagonist, has quite the admirer by the name of Max. Max comes in giving samples of blood for research as his antibodies are something the research team have never encountered. Max is a relatively older creeper who shows his affection by carving “ZOE” on his arm.

Within the next few minutes we view a sexual assault and our first zombie attack. Forward to the base camp. Character development does not happen immediately. What it does show is the stereotypical roles you would see in the 1985 film to a certain degree. Zoe is working on finding a cure. To find the cure, Max, who is now classified as a “Rotter” (the undead), is chained up and used as a guinea pig. When Max acts up, Zoe flashes a bit of sex appeal and he’s the equivalent of a lap dog. A rapidly decaying lap dog.

The film itself does not try to be Day of The Dead from 1985 down to every movement and every line of the story, it takes on a life of its own and makes it unique. I would classify Bloodline as a B-Rated horror movie. The effects are not bad and the main antagonist Max gives you that creepy vibe that makes you feel on edge. Overall it’s a good zombie movie to kick back and watch for fun.


  • Johnathan Schaech who plays Max does a very good job on adding the creep level
  • Blood and gore is on point
  • The film itself takes on a life of its own while following similar principles as Day of the Dead


  • More character development would have added more to the film
  • Certain acting was definitely a bit too over the top and select parts of the story could have been executed better
  • You can see when the writing got lazy to some degree


Acting - 5
Effects - 6.5
Soundtrack - 6
Cinematography - 5
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