Dishonored – The Return of Daud Review

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Dishonored is probably one of the most interesting video game and novel franchises, and The Return of Daud is no different. This lovely novel that takes place during Dishonored 2, where assassin Daud returns to Dunwall in hopes of fully killing the Outsider with a mythical weapon.

In The Return of Daud we see a return of our favorite assassin from the first Dishonored game, but more characters are introduced as he travels throughout the Isles, alongside some familiar faces including The Devlins.

Connection to Series

After reading through Dishonored: The Corroded Man, I was very enthralled for Dishonored 2 to come out alongside the DLC Death of the Outsider. Not only does Daud return for Death of the Outsider and allies with Billie Lurk, but he becomes a key role in the game regarding the Outsider’s fate.

If you’ve played the Dishonored games, understand that in the novels Corvo obviously let’s Daud live at the end of the first game, and this is fully considered canon despite it being an option in the end to let him live or kill.

Plot of The Return of Daud

Back to The Return of Daud, this book answers few questions about Daud, but leaves us with more. I was really hoping that in the new novel I would understand exactly when and where Daud received his mark from the Outsider, and how his life developed over time, but the book focuses more on what Daud has been up to after Corvo lets him live. While this is fine, I sort of wish they had touched more upon his character development during his time in Dunwall, and how he could betray Empress Jessamine.

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of Dishonored with The Return of Daud, you can purchase it directly through Titan Books. In addition, Titan published The Corroded Man, which can also be purchased.


  • Connects well to video games
  • Gives more information on Daud
  • Shows returning characters


  • Unanswered questions about Daud
  • Game canon doesn't match book canon (Daud being killed by Corvo)


Story - 8.9
Character Development - 9
Connection to Video Games - 10
Background Information - 9.5
Length of Book - 8
Quality of Action/Dialogue - 10
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